Review: Royally Matched by Emma Chase (Royally #2)

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“I believe in you, Henry,” she says so softly. “I believe you can do anything . . . everything you set your mind to, because you care so deeply for everyone you meet. You will be amazing. I know it in my heart and to the bottom of my soul. And I would tell you the truth, I promise—I wouldn’t let you try and fail.”
And it’s miraculous what that does, how her words make me feel. Like I’m a hundred feet tall and a thousand times as strong. Like I’m a superhero or a god.
Like . . . I’m a king.

Getting bumped up a notch in the line of succession for the throne has knocked Henry John Edgar Thomas Pembrook, also known as Prince Henry, for a loop. He was always meant to be the spare, not the heir, but thanks to his older brother relinquishing his duty for love, Henry has been forced to be more...responsible. But that, of course, is easier said than done, especially for the prince who's been known for his not-so-royal shenanigans as reported by Fleet Street. Unfortunately, he hasn't fully embraced the notion that more is expected of him and every move he makes and any word he utters is there for his future subjects--and his grandmother who just happens to be the current monarch--to judge him on. So, what does Henry do? Why, agree to be part of a matchmaking reality show with a royal twist--Henry--to it, naturally! This is the stuff fairy tales are made of...NOT.

Surrounded by twenty beautiful, vivacious, blue-blooded young women would have any red-blooded royal randy, but Henry's attention--and soon his affections--are snagged by the quiet, bespectacled lass who prefers to watch from the sidelines rather than actually vie for a tiara. Lady Sarah Mirabelle Zinnia Von Titebottum is nothing like her sister, who is part of the show and the one Sarah is currently chaperoning, nor is she like any of the other woman, but that's precisely why Henry prefers to be around her. She piques his interest and makes him curious about what makes her tick. She has a voice that soothes his soul and a body that stirs his fantasies, but Henry has his work cut out for him. His pursuit of Sarah was never part of his plan, but neither was falling in love with her. Can he prove that he's both the king worthy of wearing the crown and the man worthy of laying claim to his Sarah?

Oh, Henry, Henry, Henry... The man--who sometimes acts more like a child than an adult--was frustratingly fascinating. Royally Matched is all about his evolution from the royal playboy who nary had a worry in the world until his brother fell in love with and married an American commoner to the man who would be king and loved beyond measure a young woman he never saw coming. Emma Chase continues to do royal romantic comedies well, and even if you have to suspend disbelief--because seriously, would the heir to the throne really agree to a silly idea like a dating show?--you fall for the love story itself because the characters make it so darn easy to. If Nicholas reminded me of Prince William, it goes without saying that Henry reminded me of Prince Harry, who is the more rascally between the true blue and two most recognizable members of Great Britain's House of Windsor.

I adored Sarah from the get-go. She was this unassuming young woman who was spent more time with her nose stuck in a book than wondering which shoes went with which outfit. If she opened Henry's eyes--and his heart--to the wonders of love, Henry made Sarah see what living life to the fullest was all about. These two were so irresistibly cute together and I liked their conversations just as much as I did their more romantic and intimate moments. Both Sarah and Henry transition into the people they were always meant to be but they got there because they knew that they could be better versions of themselves with the support they got from each other and those nearest and dearest to them. Emma Chase has yet to disappoint with this seriesand I'm itching to see if I'm right about who the third book will be about (due for release in June). Royally Matched receives five-plus stars! ♥


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Date Read: 22 February 2017

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