Review: Reckless Hearts by Heather Van Fleet (Reckless Hearts #1)

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Reckless Hearts is the first novel in the series by the same name written by author Heather Van Fleet. This is the story of a twenty-six-year-old single father, Collin Montgomery, raising his eight-month-old daughter with the help of his two best friends, Max Martinez and Gavin St. James. All three men are former Marines and they've become a rag-tag family of sorts, along with Collin's younger sister Lia. But as much as they all loved baby Chloe, the need for an actual regular nanny was becoming clearer. However, the last thing that Collin expects is his sister to bring in the very same woman that he hasn't stopped thinking about since they met in a bar. Having twenty-five-year-old Addison Booker around him all the time under his roof wasn't a good idea, not when he was spending his time thinking about having her under him instead. Having the woman you're lusting over as your daughter's nanny is a terrible idea...except Addy's perfect for both Chloe and Collin. She clearly adores Chloe and knows what she's doing, but can Collin really hold back on his feelings for Addy, considering he's falling fast and hard for her already?

This book was confusing at certain points, with details about the characters changing from one thing to another. Take for example all three men living together in the same house, yet there's a part in the story where Gavin talks about his house, meaning a completely separate abode. There's also Collin's deceased ex-girlfriend--Chloe's mother--and the depth of his feelings for her. Sometimes he says he loved her, but then he later makes it come off as her pressuring him because she said something about her own feelings first. I get that Collin and Addy are supposed to end up together, but there's nothing wrong with Collin actually having truly loved someone else prior to Addy coming along. I also, honestly, didn't really see these two clicking. They were bickering and then itching to get into each other's pants, but I didn't feel a connection between them. For as much as I was tickled over Addy having Filipino heritage--though bibingka is considered more as a heavy snack than dessert--I found her to be wishy-washy and annoying. The story was drawn-out far more than was necessary. 2.5 stars go to Reckless Hearts. ♥

Date Read: 11 February 2017

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