Review: P.I.T.A. by Brooke Blaine (L.A. Liaisons #3)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Between the Sheets Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

The third much-awaited addition to author Brooke Blaine’s raunchy romantic comedy series, L.A. Liaisons, has finally arrived and P.I.T.A. was worth the wait. Here we have the friends to enemies to lovers story of wedding planner Paige Iris Traynor-Ashcroft, nicknamed P.I.T.A. by her nearest and dearest and by her not-so-favorite frenemy who just happens to be the other half of the dynamic duo headlining this tale, Richard Dawson, called Dick by Paige and her friends for reasons not so unknown. These two seem to have been at each other’s throats from the get-go—though more Paige than Dawson—so the fact that they’re paired together raised my expectations for some downright heated—sexually and otherwise—encounters between them. Yep, I had them pegged.

Paige Traynor-Ashcroft and Richard Dawson used to be the closest of friends growing up, but things changed during one particular night—Halloween, to be exact—during their sophomore year in college. From that time on, they become enemies, or maybe “frenemies” is a far better term, with more taunts than teases and Paige proving to be every bit the pain in Dawson’s behind while Paige continues to believe that Dick lives up to his nickname. But at the end of her parents’ anniversary party, Paige and Dawson get way more drunk than they intended and wake up to yet another milestone in their storied relationship. Paige wants nothing more than to immediately rectify their situation, but Dawson is bent on doing just the opposite. Could this seriously be love?

First things first: I ADORE DAWSON! Gah! He made me laugh and swoon—a man after my own heart. His back and forth with Paige had me grinning because you could see how the banter and bickering belied all that sexual tension between them, though again, it was clear that Paige was either utter clueless or she had resolved all those years ago that nothing could ever go beyond friendship for them. Dear Paige should listen to her friends more often because they were far more observant and weren’t prejudiced to Dawson, so they noticed things that Paige failed to. But Paige is still my girl because she’s feisty but not as fearless as you would think, making her easier to relate to. These two were perfect together and their story was a true rom-com. Five stars for P.I.T.A.

Date Read: 03 February 2017

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