Review: Mister Wrong by Nicole Williams

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Ardent PRose in exchange for an honest review.

Mister Wrong is bestselling author Nicole Williams's latest release and it's a contemporary romance standalone that I'm hoping spawns a spin-off story, but more on that later. This is the story of a woman named Cora Matthews who loves two brothers who happen to be twins--Jacob and Matthew Adams. Matt became her best friend and Jacob her boyfriend. One of them has owned her heart longer, but the engagement ring she wears on her finger and the one she's going to be exchange vows with isn't him. When Jacob fails to show up to his own wedding, Matt makes a decision that will forever change the trajectory of his life and that of his brother and the girl he's loved for two decades. When Cora discovers the truths that the twins are hiding from her, she'll have to finally face some of her own, ones that she's kept hidden for far too long. How many hearts will end up feeling wronged and broken?

I've loved every Nicole Williams novel I've read so far--four in all--but I admit that I'm rather torn over Mister Wrong. Let's go with the stuff I'm gaga over first. Williams has given readers a one-of-a-kind story, at least as far as I'm concerned since I can't recall ever reading anything with this kind of story line, and her writing is, as always, nothing to scoff at. This author truly has a way with words. I also loved that everything took place over the span of a couple or so days and that there wasn't any unnecessary drama thrown into the mix. It was already angsty the way it was, but not the kind of angst that had my insides twisting and making me want to grab my box of tissues.

What was it about the book that I'm waffling on? I wasn't a fan of Cora's. I don't know if she was mind-numbingly clueless to not know the difference between Matt and Jacob. She claims to be very close to both men and she's known them for more than half her life, yet she stood there at the altar, before God, family, and friends, and didn't realize who the heck was in front of her? Of course, it's absolutely possible that she knew all along and was going to end up being married to the Adams twin she's always wanted, so she convinced herself to go along with Matt's well-meaning ruse and play dumb. Her reasoning that she preferred having one Adams brother if she couldn't have the other didn't sit well with me. It was as if all that matter at the end of the day was that one twin would be hers.

Then there was Matt. What I liked about him was that he put everyone's wants and needs ahead of his own...and that's the same reason why I was frustrated with him. I mean, come on! His brother was kind of an ass, and even though he knew that some of the things Jacob was doing behind Cora's back were not good, he kept his mouth shut. Argh! But goodness, how can I resist a nice guy like him, right? So, he pined longer than he should have for a girl that chose his brother over him simply because he wasn't able to express his feelings for her right away. Fine. I didn't hold that against him throughout the whole book. It came and went with each time he was reminded of how messed up their whole interconnected friendship slash relationship was. Matt did, however, finally win me over.

Matt's close friend, Maggie Stevenson, was the wisest one in this cast of characters, and while Jacob was a terrible fiancĂ©, he was who he was and went after what and who he wanted. And this is where my wish at the beginning of this review comes in. I hope that Jacob does get his own story told. The man needs both redemption and a woman who can put him in his place and make him want to be a better person. He doesn't need to be like Matt because they're two different people. Jacob just hasn't found that one woman who gives him purpose and who he won't look at like she was his property. Maybe that could be Maggie. She was kickass. I seriously liked her. That pairing would definitely be one I'd read. So, my fingers are crossed for that while deciding to give Mister Wrong four stars. ♥

Date Read: 26 February 2017

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