Review: Meant to Be by Melody Grace (Sweetbriar Cove #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Bestselling author Melody Grace serves up a sweet and sappy--in the best way possible--romance in Meant to Be, the first novel in her brand new Sweetbriar Cove series. This is an enemies-to-lovers romance between Poppy Somerville and Cooper Nicholson, who shared one summer together when they were ten years old and now meet again two decades later. Poppy has just called of her wedding and decides to take some time off by heading to her Aunt Jane's cottage in Sweetbriar Cove. She's looking forward to basking in the surf and sand, the peace and quiet...well, maybe not so much the peace and quiet since her aunt's neighbor seems to take some sort of pleasure out of making a racket early at all hours of the day, especially in the morning, when Poppy would rather sleep in.

But there's a reason why Cooper is hammering away on the property next door. He's renovating it, readying it to be flipped. He knows what he wants to do with it and he's ready to put in the hours and doesn't really care all that much about disturbing anyone nearby. Poppy clearly hasn't changed much from the little girl who looked at him like he was the bane of her existence. Twenty years older, they're constantly at loggerheads, with Cooper not hesitating to let Poppy know exactly what he thinks about the romances she writes and how they do nothing but make people hope for something that doesn't exist. After all, Cooper should know. He's had his heart broken before. But being around Poppy makes him want to believe again...until, that is, both their pasts suddenly return.

Sometimes, it's nice to read a love story where you pretty much know what to expect and simply enjoy it for what it is: a romance with a guaranteed happy ending. I really liked Poppy, even though I wasn't a fan of her ending her engagement a couple of weeks before she was supposed to walk down the aisle. She had a good head on her shoulders and a heart that held on to the ideal of true love. Cooper, on the other hand, was abrasive and seemed to go out of his way, at times, to get on Poppy's nerves. He does, of course, show the more caring side of him, and even though people in Sweetbriar Cove admit that he's somewhat of a gruff, pain in the behind, he was someone you could count on and someone who wouldn't think twice about helping one out whether he was asked to or not.

I liked the pacing of the sort and the transition that Poppy and Cooper's relationship went through. They're surrounded by a well-meaning albeit nosy group of residents who appeared to be intent on a happily-ever-after happening for the two. There is one sticking point in the story, though, and it had to do with Cooper being hard-headed about making amends with Poppy, refusing to listen to even his closest friends. It's what changed his mind that had my eyebrow cocking in disbelief. I mean, come on! You wouldn't listen to anyone else except that one person? Really? Ugh! I was disappointed in the man! But yes, we still get the happy ending and Poppy and Cooper do have a more than hopeful outlook on their future together. All things considered, Meant to Be gets four stars. ♥

Release Date: 24 February 2017

Date Read: 24 February 2017

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