Review: The Devil's Submission by Nicola Davidson (Fallen #2)

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The Devil’s Submission is the second novella in the Nicola Davidson-penned Regency romance series, Fallen, which is about a group of three best friends and members of the peerage—Lord Sebastian St. John, Lord Grayson Deveraux, and Lord Iain Vissen, also known as Sin, Devil, and Vice, respectively—who all own an exclusive pleasure club. Book two turns the spotlight on Grayson, who made himself quite memorable with his choice to remain secluded with the financial logs of Fallen rather than actively participate in the club’s events and scenes. His needs for pain and to be controlled are two things that he doesn’t think will be welcomed. He believed he had found someone who could give him both including love—his estranged wife, Lady Eliza.

Lady Eliza Deveraux misses her husband, but when he sent her away, she was dumbfounded as to what may have caused him to see them separate, especially not having been married that long. Eliza has always been headstrong, doing what she wants and not being shy about telling people what to do. She and Grayson had shared an unforgettable moment, one that led to their marriage. But constant reminders from her mother for her to adhere to the dictates of society and the teachings of the finishing school her parents, Lord and Lady Brimley, own. When her mother informs her of the dire financial straits the school finds itself in, Eliza is tasked to go to Grayson for money. Who will submit first: the not-so-obedient wife or the devil who’s been waiting for her?

Surrender to Sin was a pretty good read, but The Devil’s Submission wasn’t just sexy, but it was different as well, having been the first Regency romance I’ve come across that had the male main character being the more submissive one in the bedroom. This really was a story about how Eliza and Grayson—shackled by the expectations of their respective families—came into their own as individuals and how that, in turn, enabled them to be the best possible spouses for one another. It was also nice to see Sin and Grace St. John as well as Vice and the other notable figures from Fallen, particularly Charlotte Lewis, aka Charlie, and Diaz, the club’s butler. With The Devil’s Submission, which receives four stars, raising the bar, I’m excited to read the third Fallen book. ♥


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Date Read: 09 February 2017

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