Review: Corporate Bodies by A E Ryecart (Urban Love #3)

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Corporate Bodies is book three in the M/M contemporary romance series from author A E Ryecart entitled Urban Love, which is about a group of four friends who find and fight for love. This last in the series features twenty-eight-year-old Jake Stafford, who works in the new clients management department of Wybex Financial Solutions and is considered a rising star in the company. When he learns that the incoming Director of Strategy is Oliver Lester, a man whose reputation in the industry precedes him, Jake is excited at the opportunity to work with him. Soon, however, it becomes clear that there's a connection between Oliver and Jake, but both men are coming out of relationships with men they considered the first loves of their lives. Oliver is also wary about the twenty-year age difference as well as the fact that they work in the same office. But the heart wants what it wants and they cross the line between professional and personal. What they feel for each other is greater than whatever they may have felt with their respective exes, but when their pasts rear their ugly heads, will their hearts survive the aftermath?

This was an office romance with a May-December twist added on to it and it made for quite an excellent read. Jake and Oliver clearly have issues that they're dealing with after their relationships with their exes ended, but there was no denying the connection these two had. The Fab Four of the series have always been a nosy bunch, meddling in each other's relationships, though done with the best of intentions and because of their protectiveness of one another, but can I just say that Oliver's best friend was a class-A jerk? I seriously wanted to smack him a few times. Then there were the exes, who probably should have just ended up together because birds of the same feather and all that jazz. But I really liked Oliver and Jake together and cheered them on, even though there were moments they needed some talking to because of the idiotic, knee-jerk reactions they would have when it came to anything involving their exes. All in all, I have to say that Corporate Bodies is my favorite novel in the series, and it ends the Urban Love series on a really great note. I'm giving 4.5 stars out of five stars to this one. ♥

Date Read: 12 February 2017

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