Review: The Bride's Runaway Billionaire by Pippa Grant (Three BFFs and a Wedding #3)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions.

The Bride's Runaway Billionaire is the third and final novel in Pippa Grant's Three BFFs and a Wedding series AND it's a companion novel to my all-time favorite Grant book, The Last Eligible Bachelor. There was a great deal of secrecy when it came to this book, particularly, the blurb. And yes, I went into this blind, only knowing who the female main character was, and boy, oh boy, am I glad that I decided to do that! I didn't have any preconceived notions nor did I spend too much time trying to figure out what was going to happen just based on the information provided in the blurb. I simply enjoyed the romance set before me by the author, and I fell in love with all things Snaggletooth again.

It was bad enough Emma Monroe called off her wedding; going viral for it made things worse. Now, she's on her honeymoon in Fiji sans the man who was never going to be her husband (thankyouvermuch), and stumbles upon none other than Jonas Rutherford. Finding your celebrity crush drunk on your porch and dealing with his own relationship drama is one thing, but Emma never imagined she'd become friends with Jonas. All the more becoming friends with, erm, certain benefits. Jonas ghosting her the morning after, however, makes her question if they were ever even friends. But life goes on; then two and half years later, Jonas shows up at Emma's brother's wedding and takes a peek at the ring bearer who bears a striking resemblance to him as a child. All Emma wants is to run away with her son, but what if Jonas wants her runaway heart, his son, and redemption?

Le sigh. I love a wonderfully woven second-chance romance, especially when there's a sufficient amount of groveling involved. Emma was someone who deserves her shot at a true happily-ever-after, but getting there wasn't going to be as uncomplicated as she would have hoped for. That's what happens when the father of your child is an award-winning and world-famous actor with a popular podcast to boot. Oh, and let's not forget the fact that the guy is a billionaire from an uber wealthy family. What's a guy to do when the life he has isn't exactly what the girl he's fallen for wants? Welp, I'm not going to say because hello, that's what reading Emma and Jonas's story is for. So, don't wait for Yolko Ono to bagock you. Get a-reading! Oh, and five stars go to The Bride's Runaway Billionaire!


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Release Date: 18 January 2024

Date Read: 11 January 2024

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