Release Blitz: Chasing the Light by Mal Trevino

Chasing the Light
(Granite-Glacier #1)
by Mal Trevino
Release Date: January 23, 2024

About Chasing the Light
Aiden Marsh is nobody. After his long-ill mother dies, he's left longing for an escape from the bills, the end of their apartment lease, and the loneliness of the city. When the internet friend he's been crushing invites him on a trip to photograph the northern lights, how is he supposed to say no? There's just the tiny little fact that he's been lying about his life for the last year. But everyone lies on the internet, right?

Russell Merritt had it all. Had. Past tense. A meteoric rise to photographer fame: a storied freelance career and his own show on World Wild. What else could he want? Then it all came crashing down, and that's exactly the question he has to answer. What else could he want?

Now, Russell and Aiden are taking on the wilds of Granite-Glacier--Russell's old, forsaken hometown--on a photo excursion that lets them both forget the mess of their lives. But even their growing attraction can only keep reality at bay for so long. They're going to have to drag all their secrets out into the light.

Chasing the Light is a sweet, all-vibes MM romance set in a small town. For fans of secret identities, forced proximity, the wild outdoors, and internet-friends-to-lovers.

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An Excerpt from Chasing the Light
The first thing I see of Granite-Glacier is my name scrawled on a handmade cardboard sign.

AIDEN!!!, it declares. Three exclamation points and all, drawn in black ink, and as the Greyhound bus creaks and rumbles closer, my heart feels like those exclamation points. Spiky and excited in my chest, cavalier and airborne and ecstatic. The feeling holds on with tired fingers for a few elongated moments before evaporating.

That’s fine. These days, I’ll take what I can get.

It is night, and the sign is bathed in orange streetlight. The whole main drag is dotted with those washed-out sodium lights, narrow cones of glowing warmth that illuminate exactly how abandoned the town is.

Granite-Glacier is definitely not Chicago. Not even close. And that might be exactly what I need right now.

It takes me a moment longer to notice the man holding the sign.

Russell Merritt catches my eyes almost immediately, and that familiar grin dawns on his face, broad and handsome and bright enough to outshine every neon light in the city I left behind me. and sets me on fire.

I’ve seen it hundreds of times over the last few years. First, on my TV screen and then, somehow, inexplicably, selfies and video chats. It’s different in person. My exclamation-point heart clangs in my chest, and I drag my sleeve across the bus window to clear a streak in the fog. From those hazel eyes to the streaks of silver in his dark hair, he is every selfie he’s ever sent me, the saturation dialed up until I can’t look away.

I’m startled to find myself smiling back. I haven’t had much to smile about for the last few months. The realization dampens the grin on my face, but only for a moment. I’m meeting my hero-slash-celebrity-crush in person for the first time. I can let myself be happy for a few days. I can, at the very least, let myself be not-sad.

The Greyhound comes to a stop, announcing its arrival with an agonized mechanical groan.

Tucked away into the steep, rocky hills of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Granite-Glacier is the very end of the bus line. Thirteen hours into my trip from Chicago, there are only two other travelers. We shed the rest along the way, hugging Lake Michigan’s shoreline.

Slinging my heavy backpack over one shoulder, I follow the others down the steps and onto the street.

About Mal Trevino
Mal Trevino writes small-town romances about guys who really like to work with their hands. The Romance in Iron Range series follows the love stories of members of a local rallycross team based in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Friends-to-lovers, class differences, and second-chance romances abound–along with sweet laughter and high-heat couplings.

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