Release Blast: When All the Songs Become Us by Marleigh McKay

When All the Songs Became About Us
(When All the Songs #2)
by Marleigh McKay
Release Date: January 19, 2024

About When All the Songs Became About Us
It was only supposed to be a kiss.
One kiss and he would leave…

But when Jude showed up at my mother’s house, I no longer knew what to expect. He told me he was staying through Christmas. Only two more weeks. Well, sixteen days, to be exact—an insignificant amount of time…except that it changed everything.

We seized the time we had left, relished every moment, unapologetically swallowing it whole. But before I knew it, I was back in Terrapin, and Jude was gone. Still, the memory of Jude lingered to haunt me. I closed my eyes and could still see him; I tried to wash out my mouth, but his taste remained. Jude strolled into a brand-new life while I was left floundering within one that no longer made sense—not without him, anyway.

While stumbling through my sadness, I almost lost everything—not only Jude but everything I had to lose. And when things started to look up again, a chance encounter with my past shattered everything I knew about who I was and what I wanted. Then, only one certainty remained…there are times when love just isn’t enough.

Sometimes, you must allow your dreams to drift away to ensure they’re yours. And what if, once you’ve let them go, they return to find you…What happens then?

When All The Songs Became About Us by Marleigh McKay takes readers through the second half of this bittersweet nostalgic ride that answers the question of what happens next—once you’ve found him.

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About Marleigh McKay
Marleigh McKay writes heart-wrenching love stories with a little humor and a lot of heat. She lives in South Florida with her husband, daughter, and an eight-pound Chihuahua with a ten-foot personality. She loves all the coffee, Christmas movies before December, and men written by women.

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