Review: One to Take by Tia Louise (One to Hold #8)

Stuart Knight and Mariska Heron's love story continues and faces even more challenges in this full-length sequel entitled One to Take, which is the eighth full-length addition to the One to Hold series and the second full-length novel in the Stuart and Mariska story arc. Here, Stuart and Mariska are happily engaged and ready to face their new life together as a couple, merging their lives even before they walk down the aisle. There are changes that they'll have to decide upon in the horizon, but when a devastating loss tears both of them apart, Stuart and Mariska are left to pick up the pieces of their relationship and wonder if they're far better away from one another or if the love they shared is one they need to take a chance upon.

For a good portion of the story, we have Stuart and Mariska happily getting along on the Knight family ranch in Montana. Admittedly, there were times that everything felt kind of ho-hum, not that I have anything against happy moments, but it was more like I was waiting for something exciting to happen or for the action to pick up. And then BAM! Something unexpected happens and it was rather heartbreaking, although a part of me did think that Mariska was already warned by Stuart about the possibility of it occurring, so it could have been prevented, but oh well. The whole thing was sad, and there was a particular part where I teared up because both poor Stuart and Mariska seemed so lost even as a couple.

One of the things I liked best about this story was how the characters were decidedly different from who they were when we first met them in One to Leave. They undergo an event in this sequel that you wouldn't wish upon any couple, but it opens their eyes to several things that they needed to address if they had any chance to last a lifetime together. Also, the supporting characters I so disliked in One to Leave were so much more likable here, which was a good thing because trust me when I say that if there's more than one character you find that you can't stand in a book, it can affect your overall enjoyment. I suggest you read One to Leave or Taken before One to Take to better appreciate Stuart and Mariska's four-starred story. ♥

Date Read: 25 February 2016

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