Review: Save My Heart by Rhonda James (Sticks & Hearts #3)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Save My Heart is a second chance romance and the third novel in author Rhonda James's Sticks & Hearts hockey romance series. Scott Hunter and Skylar Dennison had known each other for years but it was only when they were both eighteen and high school seniors that they became one another's first love. But peer pressure and insecurities got the better of them and one callous move was all it took for them to go their separate ways, with Skylar heading off to Atlanta to get as far away from her hometown of Chicago, from the house that had never been a home, and from the only boy to have held then shatter her heart. Four years later, Skylar finds herself flying from Atlanta to Detroit on assignment for the magazine she works for. Her subject? None other than the rookie goalie for the Detroit Devils, Scott Hunter. The same Scott Hunter who broke her heart in high school. Will they be able to keep things professional between them considering Skylar's unresolved feelings for her ex? Little does she know that Scott was as broken as she was in high school, and now, he wants to prove to Skylar that she's his first and last love.

This was a straightforward second chance love story with minimal angst and drama. Scott and Skylar loved each other in high school but then broke up for, what I think, was a pretty shallow reason. I'm going to be perfectly honest here and say that it took more than half the book for me to actually like Scott and consider him worthy enough of Skylar. He had months to fix what happened four years ago, but he chose not to. His reasons for his lack of motivation weren't all that clear, which is why it makes him even more of a douchebag. Thankfully, he does a fair amount of growing up over the years, and he manages to get his priorities straight when he sees the reunion with Skylar for what it is: a second chance to get things right. There's a lot of one step forward, two steps back going on with these two throughout the book, and it's pretty obvious that Skylar still has her insecurities firmly intact. The end did feel a tiny bit too rushed, but overall, I quite enjoyed Save My Heart and give it four stars. Dare I hope for a spin-off standalone for Asher Reeves, Sky's best friend and roommate? Maybe? Hopefully? My fingers are crossed! ♥

Release Date: 16 March 2017

Date Read: 16 March 2017

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