Review: Legend by Katy Evans (Real #6)

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I've read all but one of the books in author Katy Evans's bestselling Real series and if there was ever a way to end this series on top, it did so with the sixth and final book, Legend. This series began with Remington Tate and Brooke Dumas in Real and while it ends with Maverick Cage and Reese Dumas, Remy and Brooke are still very much present in Legend, and the roles they play in Mav and Reese's story is but fitting, in my humble opinion. It had a full circle moment and the last chapter before the epilogue made my heart squeeze tightly in my chest, knowing that it was probably difficult for the author to have taken the story in the direction that she did and while I can't use the exact phrase that I had in my head when it happened--because then that would spoil the story for those of you who have yet to read it--the tagline says enough.

Mav is on a mission, albeit a misguided one, and while his motivation is one that any child who's seen a parent suffer can easily identify with, there are a couple of twists in the story that give him pause. While meeting and falling for Reese is something you expect to see in this story and you know that it's going to end up being a complication, it's Mav's relationship with Remy that had my heart and held on. Remy is a main character that I got to know and loved from the first three books and he's truly come so far from the broken man he was in the beginning. He passes on his knowledge to Mav, seeing a part of himself in the young fighter. If you haven't read Remy's story, I highly suggest that you hop to it because then it gives you a better idea of the kind of man that Remington Tate is and why what happens here was heartrending.

The end of a series, especially one that I've enjoyed, is always bittersweet. I'm not a hundred percent positive, but I'm almost sure that Real was one of the first fighter romances that I had the pleasure of reading three years or so years ago, and it was memorable because it was so gritty yet irresistibly addictive. From there, I went on to read books two to four, and while I may have skipped the fifth book, there was no way I would have missed reading the conclusion to the series. Mav and Reese are new to the series but they immediately felt as if they belonged all along, and somehow, they reminded me of Remy and Brooke all those books ago. While the Real series has reached the end of the road, it's left readers and fans with unforgettable characters--from Riptide to the Avenger. Legend receives a well-earned five stars. ♥

Date Read: 10 February 2016

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