Review: How the Cookie Crumbles by Jaime Samms (Bluewater Bay #12)

Note: This ARC was provided by Riptide Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

How the Cookie Crumbles is the twelfth installment in the multi-authored Bluewater Bay series and was written by Jaime Samms. This latest novel in what is one of my favorite series is about a baker named Frederic Jackson, who moves to Bluewater Bay and opens his own up and coming bakery after being cheated out of the opportunity to win a TV reality cooking show, and a business executive named Blaire Caruthers, who handed the win over to the man he was sleeping with and now hopes to make amends to the man who should have won, both the show and his heart. And while forgiveness is difficult enough to give to Blaire, Frederic's still mending heart is wary about trusting the man who he believed was "the one".

It took me some time to actually like Blaire, especially after finding out how thoughtless he was in doing what he did to Frederic. He was obviously thinking with his small head and not his big one. I so wanted Frederic to take much longer than he did to forgive the jerk. But yes, just like what he did eventually did Frederic, Blaire won me over, going above and beyond to show Frederic just how much the baker means to him. While Blaire may have grown up permanently suckling on the silver spoon he was born with and Frederic had to make do with whatever came his way, the two men have more in common than both being gay. There are ups and downs in their rekindled attraction, but they're exactly what the other one needs.

Aside from Blaire and Frederic, there were four supporting characters who grabbed my attention: Jim, the chef over at the Burnt Toast B&B and was introduced in the novel by the same title, Alicia, Frederic's closest friend and the one who's been by his side since the reality show debacle, Lee, Blaire's snarky assistant who seems think pushing Blaire's buttons is a job requirement, and Vince, a new employee working with Blaire and Lee in Bluewater Bay. There are several more supporting characters who were memorable, but they were all straight, and this is an LGBT+ series, so...yeah. How the Cookie Crumbles was a good addition to this potentially prolific but always entertaining and enjoyable series. Four stars. ♥

Date Read: 19 February 2016

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