Review: Fighting Solitude by Aly Martinez (On the Ropes #3)

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"I refuse to let you fight me on this. I refuse to deny the way I feel about you. And I absolutely refuse to let you deny what you feel for me. You want this. I get that you're scared, but trust me. I will make this work for us."

I appear to be making a habit of discovering and falling in love with a book series just as it's about to end, as is the case with bestselling author Aly Martinez's On the Ropes series. When the opportunity to read and review the third and final book came about, I jumped on it, mainly because I had heard just how good the first two books were. And then when those two books, Fighting Silence and Fighting Shadows, went on sale for 99 cents each, it felt like kismet and one-clicking both was a no-brainer. Now that I've finished the series, I'm glad that I did make my way to discovering these three books because they brought to my attention and consequent affection, three brothers who go above and beyond when it comes to family and who love with their whole heart, mind, body, and soul. Fighting Solitude wrapped this series up perfectly.

Quarry Page loved and lost at the age of twenty-one the girl who owned his heart for four years, but it is the woman who owned it for far longer, his best friend Liv James, that brings him back into the land of the living and breaks him from years of solitude. Quarry and Liv's friendship started in Fighting Silence, and while these two have had their ups and downs in said friendship, at the end of the day, it prevailed. But Liv has had feelings for Quarry for as long as they've known one another, feelings she had to set aside when she learned Quarry had a girlfriend. But this isn't your typical best friends to lovers story, and if Liv and Quarry want to have the kind of forever that Quarry's brothers and sisters-in-law share, they'll have to overcome years of distrust and hidden hurt and insecurities in order to stand a chance at a happy ending.

Having read the three books back to back to back, it almost feels as if Quarry's the one I got to see grow up, having started out as a precocious six-year-old in the first book. Not only does he experience his own hearing loss, but he also witnesses the trials that come the way of those he loves most--Till losing his hearing, Eliza getting abducted, and Flint getting shot. He undergoes changes as the series progresses, but aside from his family, the one other constant has always been Liv, so when we learn the gamut of heartache they experience, I sympathized with both him and her. But, as has been the prevailing theme in the series, family, love, and perseverance are part and parcel of why Quarry and his brothers not only survive but thrive. This series made me an Aly Martinez fan and Fighting Solitude garners five-plus stars. ♥

Date Read: 05 February 2016

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