Review: Tangled with You by J. Kenner (Stark Security #7.6)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by 1001 Dark Nights Press.

Tangled with You is the newest novella in J. Kenner's Stark Security series, and it's an M/M romance just in time for Pride month. After ending things with his former fiancée, FBI agent Orlando "Ollie" McKee thinks it's best to focus on his career for the foreseeable future. But then there's someone who's proven to be rather distracting, even if that fact is something that Ollie isn't all that ready to share just yet. Trevor Barone is a security specialist for Stark Security, and he also happens to be one of Ollie's closest friends. There's been a shared connection between them from the get-go, but Trevor has only ever known Ollie to be straight, so he kept his crush on his friend to himself. When feelings are brought to the open, however, it feels like a long time coming. Then news of Ollie's ex getting kidnapped reaches them, and while Trevor understands Ollie's concern for the woman he once loved, he kept quite help the doubt and insecurity that comes along. When all is said and done, will their entanglement turn out to be temporary or one for keeps?

When I heard that J. Kenner had an M/M romance to add to her Stark book universe, I was beyond curious to see how it would turn out. For long-time Kenner readers, Ollie is a familiar side character, having been in Nikki Stark's and Jamie Hunter's lives from the get-go via their super close friendship. Trevor isn't a newbie either, since he's appeared in a couple of the past books. It was interesting to see their relationship go from platonic to romantic, especially given that Ollie had always identified as straight. Courtney's kidnapping was certainly a complication that added a whole layer of what-now to Ollie and Trevor's blossoming romance. Cameos of much-loved characters in the Stark book world made for a nice bonus--Damien and Nikki will forever remain the OG couple for me when it comes to anything and everything J. Kenner. Ollie and Trevor's story was a good addition to the Stark Security series. Four stars go to Tangled with You.

Release Date: 13 June 2023

Date Read: 09 June 2023

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