Review: The Issue with Bad Boy Roommates by Piper Rayne (Lake Starlight #2)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the authors via Valentine PR.

The writing duo of Piper Rayne takes readers back to the close-knit Alaskan town of Lake Starlight with the second novel in their series by the same name. The Issue with Bad Boy Roommates is twenty-five-year-old Brinley Kelly's story--Brin being the daughter of Liam Kelly and Savannah Bailey from Falling for My Brother's Best Friend (The Baileys #4). She married the love of her life at twenty, only to lose Sawyer just a year into their marriage. Four years later, she's still the youngest widow in her hometown and surrounded by well-meaning yet overly protective family and townsfolk. Everyone tells her she needs to move forward, that Sawyer wouldn't have wanted her to mourn him for so long and not living her life to the fullest. When Van Adler arrives in Lake Starlight, the twenty-six-year-old is the first man since her late husband that Brin is drawn to. Even if she wanted to avoid the guy, his being the one and only person to answer her ad for a new roommate makes it difficult. And soon, they go from roommates to friends to something potentially more, but can Brin take a chance on Van when he's keeping secrets and leaving her soon?

I've been intrigued about Brin and Van ever since that snippet of an introduction in the epilogue of The Problem with Second Chances. Once I started reading their story, I saw that there was so much more to that meet-cute of theirs. Brin being a widow, and a young one at that, has made her retreat within herself, but being around someone like Van, who has no qualms about being upfront about his thoughts and feelings, albeit he is rather secretive, pushes her out of the comfort zone she's been in for the past four years. While they had quite a strong connection yet a limited amount of time to be together due to Van's temporary stay in Lake Starlight, I appreciated that neither of them rushed into it. As always, the Baileys and the other residents do not hesitate to involve themselves, especially when necessary, but hey, I wouldn't expect anything less given how invested everyone is when it comes to this family and their respective happily-ever-afters. My only issue with The Issue with Bad Boy Roommates is that I cannot give it more than five stars.


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Release Date: 27 June 2023

Date Read: 25 June 2023

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