Review: Two-Man Advantage by Leigh Carman (Players of LA #3)

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The Players of LA series has bounced back with its third and latest release, Two-Man Advantage! From beach volleyball to American football, author Leigh Carman has now brought the series to ice rink with twenty-three-year-old NHL player and winger for the LA Vikings Viktor Novak and twenty-nine-year-old public relations specialist Bowen Miller, who was introduced in the second novel, Fair Catch. Both men have a reputation--Vik for being a hotheaded, ill-tempered player who has a hat trick when it comes to fighting on the ice, and Bo for being able to fix the reputations of his clients, although he seems to have met his match with Vik in more ways than one. Bo likes being in control, but Vik is more than able to make the man submit when it comes to things in the bedroom. But even as connected as they may be sexually, neither one is ready nor willing to let the other in deep enough to reveal their respective secrets, no matter how much they're beginning to fall for one another. Will either man be able to take control where it counts or will everything spiral out of control and leave them battered and all alone?

I seriously liked these two! There was this intense push and pull going on, but not the kind that had them flaking about how they were feeling about one another. If anything, Vik has lived all his life under the demanding gaze of his domineering and homophobic father and having a man like Bo, who micromanages everything about his client's life, tell him what he can and can't do is the last thing he wants but could very well be what he needs. Then we've got Bo who is tightly wound and likes things done his way, so when Vik comes along, he not only pushes Bo beyond his boundaries but gives Bo the opportunity to let go and simply be. The tension between both men was hot, but don't think that this book was focused only on sex. There's a story that was worth telling, and if you think that Vik's being a closeted athlete will follow the same script as that of Bo's other client, Van Sullivan, in book two, then think again. I appreciated the author's giving this a fresh take, and we're also briefly introduced to Cormac O'Brien, whose story will be told in the fourth book. Two-Man Advantage left me so thoroughly satisfied. 4.5 stars! ♥


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Release Date: 07 July 2017

Date Read: 07 July 2017

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