Review: Trust by Kylie Scott

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

“Thank you,” I whispered, holding on tight to the flowers. “You’re here?”
“Because this is where you are,” he said, as if it were obvious.
I had nothing.

With the release of Trust, bestselling author Kylie Scott has just proven she can write a mature young adult (YA) novel, and boy, does she write it well! This had a meet-cute unlike any other I've come across in any of the YA novels I've read recently, and the rest of the story? Well, it read like something that would play out rather well as an actual television series. I could envision the whole thing in my head, and I only reserve that for books that have really registered with me. An engrossing story, two unassuming main characters, and a whole pack of supporting characters who add variety to the different textures that this YA book provides its slew of readers of any age group.

Seventeen-year-old Edith "Edie" Millen never thought a trip to an out-of-the-way convenience store would end up with her being taken hostage by a meth addict and finding a hero in a weed dealer. When she sees eighteen-year-old John Cole again, it's at the public school she transfers to, which is a far cry from the private one she used to attend but never liked. Edie and John may not seem like they have a great deal in common but that one event at the Drop Stop has tied them together, forging an unlikely but solid friendship. When John offers to take her virginity, any vow to keep things from becoming awkward is out the window, but that's what happens when Edie finds herself falling for the boy who decided to become a part of her life by crawling through her bedroom window.

Trust was such an offbeat novel, taking me by surprise with the lighter than expected tone Kylie Scott decided to give it. With a beginning like this story had, I honestly thought a great deal of it would be dark and dreary, full of angst and maybe with a hint of humor, but I should have known better. After all, this is Kylie Scott we're talking about here, and she tells her stories in the voice of her choosing and you know what? She hasn't let me down yet. I loved Edie and I'd probably give it a subtitle of Edie's Evolution because this seventeen-year-old did her fair share of growing up and learning to live with her new normal after having made it out alive after the hostage situation with John by her side. There are numerous life lessons that are thrown her way, and whether she likes it or not, she deals with it all in her patented Edie way. From the bullied girl to the heroine of her own story, Edie was the bomb.

This story was about young love, friendship, family, respect, and trust. Edie and John were truly friends, and I'm not talking about the type who have a thing for one another, flirt on the side for most of the book before they decide to take that next step to becoming a couple. There friendship, for the most part, was easygoing and quite platonic looooong before it even became romantic. They were also surrounded by a small but close-knit circle of friends who were fun to read about but never dared steal Edie and John's thunder. Well, maybe Anders, who was John's best friend, but then the guy couldn't seem to help himself. Edie has her ups and downs because, hello, she did survive being taken hostage, for heaven's sake, so to expect her to be peachy keen would be totally unrealistic. I've never doubted Kylie Scott's talent for weaving a tale worth reading, but her venturing into the YA genre was a risk, no matter how established she is as a bestselling author. Trust shows it was one worth taking. Five-plus stars. ♥

Release Date: 18 July 2017

Date Read: 17 July 2017

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