Review: Run With Me by Lacey Silks (With Me #1)

Oh wow. That certainly got my heart racing! Bestselling author Lacey Silks has ramped things up with the first in her new romantic suspense series, With Me, and while it's a prequel, Run With Me wasn't one of those quick reads I've come to expected from prequels. This wasn't just a sneak peek into the series but an actual separate story that give some much needed history as to what motivates certain characters in the next book, which I read right after this prequel and before I started writing this review, so I am coming into this review of mine with more clarity and knowledge than had I written it prior to reading Sin With Me. Goodness but that sounded very long-winded to me!

Joanna Williams was a mere teenager in Pace, Arizona when her parents were killed in a fire that not only took their lives but burned their home to the ground. They said it was an accident, but Anna knew better. She knew who took her parents' lives and even after four years, those same people were not done with destroying life as she knew it. Anna takes matters into her own hands, but that forces her to go on the run, leaving behind the man she loves but taking something of his as well. She ends up in New York and stumbles upon people willing to help her. One in particular is a familiar face--Xavier Black, a bounty hunter who may give her the one thing she needs: hope.

I'm trying to keep the synopsis for this story as vague as possible because no one wants spoilers when it comes to a romantic suspense novel. What I will tell you is that there are several loose threads in this story, but there is a happy ending. The book is also really well-paced and it'll satisfy a couple of things story-wise while whetting your appetite for what's to come next. I've read some of Lacey Silks's books in the past, but a story in this particular genre from her is new to me, and you know what? She's proven herself to be quite adept at it. She's got a main character who transitions from victim to survivor to heroine and fantastic story to boot. Five stars for Run With Me. ♥

Date Read: 09 July 2017

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