Review: The Other Five Percent by Quinn Anderson

Note: This ARC was provided by Riptide Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Quinn Anderson is an author that I discovered late last year and since then, has become a favorite of mine. With her third release from Riptide Publishing, The Other Five Percent, it looks like my faith in her is paying off because I had myself yet another unique and entertaining story to satisfy my need for a worthwhile weekend read. This was kinda-sorta-maybe a second chance love story between two former best friends in college. Now both twenty-three, and four years after their friendship (not-so-)simply fizzled out in their sophomore year, Logan Vanderveer and Ellis Floyd unexpectedly cross paths in a neighborhood Starbucks. Logan has often joked since he was in college about his being ninety-five percent straight. The other five percent? Well, that was up for debate, and while Logan has kept that side of him under wraps, one look at Ellis and he remembers the reason why that five percent exists. He's torn between wanting to get to know this slightly older and even hotter version of the guy who once fascinated him--and if he's honest, continues to fascinate him--and wanting to keep his distance, confused yet again by the feelings Ellis stirs in him. He may claim it's only five percent, but unless he's all in and accepts certain truths about himself, Ellis may not want to have anything to do with Logan, leaving no hope for even friendship.

Confession time: Logan kinda pissed me off in the first few chapters of this book. Then he won me over...only to do something to tick me off again. Gah! But he DID prove himself to be worthy of my love and affection much later on when he finally got his head on straight (pun not intended!). Clearly, admitting that he was bisexual was something he wasn't all that open to, passing even the notion off as a joke. I wasn't a fan of the way he reacted or treated Ellis both in the past and present, but hey, confusion and denial can make you a jerk at times. Now, Ellis was...well...I adored the guy. He came off as someone who was put together well and didn't have a worry in the world, but looks can be deceiving and I loved getting to know him better as the story went on. He was hurt by what happened four years ago, and I so wanted to shake my tablet and shout at Logan to go get a clue (because he was seriously clueless and made me wonder if he was all Brad Pitt and had a sensitivity chip missing). I was frustrated at times, but that was due to my wanting Logan to get with the program and for Ellis to be happy and get the clarification that he had been looking for for years. The Other Five Percent was a hundred percent great read, one that left me happily satisfied. I'm giving this somewhat of a quick read 4.5 stars and can't wait for Quinn Anderson's next book! ♥

Release Date: 10 July 2017

Date Read: 08 July 2017

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