Review: Broken Lyric by RB Hilliard (Meltdown #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

I am so loving the roller coaster ride that RB Hilliard has had me on ever since I first read Fractured Beat last year. With the recent release of the second novel in her rock star romance slash mystery suspense series entitled Meltdown, named after the band that headlines the series, the suspense is as palpable as ever and the romance is both swoony and sexy. Broken Lyric is the story of Nash Bostwick, lead guitarist for and one of the founders of Meltdown, and Rowan Burns, oncology nurse and caregiver for Nash's mom who's stricken with cancer. Both were part of the series starter, but while we do get an idea of the heartbreak that Nash experienced while in high school, Rowan has a doozy of a back story to tell, and it's what makes for half of the suspense aspect of this second book.

In the aftermath of keyboardist Luke Brose's death, Meltdown is trying to regroup and re-establish their identity with now two of its original members--the first being drummer Dale Nelson--dead. With an abruptly put together tour, Nash Bostwick is hesitant to leave his terminally ill mother for three months, but knows he can trust his mother's nurse, Rowan Burns, to be there for anything she may need. The same Rowan that Nash has had feelings for for months. In as much as Rowan has the same feelings for Nash, she's got a past that no one in Austin knows about. Now, that past seems to be coming for her, and if she isn't careful, she could drag Nash and his beloved mother down with her. What she doesn't count on is how far Nash is willing to go for the woman he has fallen for.

Goodness but how I loved the suspense and mystery that this novel had, which I was worried about going into it because book one so impressed me with the whole Luke story line. Here in the second book, we had a possible stalker...or two. Maybe. Rowan's history isn't much of a secret either as far as the reader is concerned because it's put out there in the open from the beginning. The mystery involves who's been doing things that have the Meltdown crew worried. While this bordered on the creepy more than the first book, there was one particular twist that left me shocked. I can't say who it involves but it does pave the way for the next book in the series, which I'm quite excited for. RB Hilliard once again lives up to expectations, which is why Broken Lyric gets five stars. ♥


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Date Read: 06 July 2017

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