Review: Hitched: Volume Three by Kendall Ryan (Imperfect Love #3)

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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in the baby carriage. In the case of Noah Tate and Olivia Cane, however, first came hate, followed by an arranged marriage, and then the added stipulation of a baby, carriage optional. Or maybe the love was always there, forgotten after one rejection and too many years spent focused on trying to find something to hate about the other person, though I think that was more on Olivia's case than it was Noah's. Yes, Noah and Olivia's love story is anything but conventional, and fans and readers of Kendall Ryan's Imperfect Love series get the conclusion they've been waiting for in this third and final volume of Hitched. Do Mr. and Mrs. Tate get a happily-ever-after?

(On a side note, I was confused about each installment being counted separately in the overall series. Like, why not just call it the Hitched series? But, I'm assuming (yeah, yeah, I know the danger of doing that) the Imperfect Love series will continue with Sterling Quinn and Camryn Palmer's story in The Fix Up...which brings me back to my confusion. Which probably now has YOU confused as well as to why the hell I'm confusing myself instead of focusing on my review. Sorry 'bout that. I stress over the mundane. Well, mundane to everyone else except li'l weirdo me. Though let me just say that if Sterling and Camryn's story is part of the series, shouldn't Hitched be book one and The Fix Up book two? Gah! Feel free to skip this...)

Yes, we're moving on to the actual review now. Noah and Olivia are now Mr. and Mrs. Tate and they're actually getting along, forging a partnership in both their personal and professional lives. They're falling in love...and then Noah betrays Olivia's trust in a way she didn't think possible. Now, Noah's left trying to figure out how to get back the wife who walked out on him and, harder still, how to convince her that what they have is more than just a marriage forced upon them by their fathers. She already saw him as nothing more than a manwhore and making her see he was sincere about his feelings was difficult enough. Now though, Noah is at risk of losing the business their fathers started but losing the woman he's loved forever.

This final installment had a bit more angst than the first two volumes because there is that betrayal of trust as well as the health of Olivia's father thrown into the mix. Olivia was upset with Noah and rightly so, but it was as if she was stuck. She made her feelings about having a child based on a stipulation in a will more than clear, so why torture them both by staying instead of ending everything by filing for divorce? Well, maybe, just maybe, it wasn't all about keeping the company, right? I really liked Noah, even though I wish the guy had been more upfront from the get-go. This conclusion was still able to surprise me and overall, I liked how Noah and Olivia evolved as a couple. Hitched: Volume Three gets four out of five stars. ♥


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Date Read: 03 August 2016

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