Review: Expectation by Holly Mortimer (Murphy's Law #1)

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Expectation is the first full-length novel and the second release in the Holly Mortimer-penned Murphy's Law series set in Ireland. This has an enemies-to-lovers vibe to it, although the main characters do engage in a one-night stand that results in a very unexpected pregnancy. When they meet and hook-up the only personal information they exchange is their first names, so when Gray Fairfield discovers she's pregnant, she has no clue how she's going to set about finding the father of her unborn child. When she asks her best friend to recommend an OB/GYN in the area, Gray ends up setting an appointment with her bestie's brother. As it turns out, Dr. Murphy is none other than the very same Aiden she slept with three months prior. She may have unwittingly found the other half of the pregnancy equation, but Aiden is wary. They used protection and having a child wasn't part of his immediate plans. Now, Aiden and Gray are going to have to figure out some way to come together as parents, but neither one ever figured they'd fall in love.

This was a great read, one that was far more lighthearted than its predecessor. Aiden and Gray have hurdles that they need to get over in order to find a way to co-parent. Their relationship develops over time, which I was quite grateful for since there wasn't any of the usual insta-love or that snap-crackle-pop that are found in a lot of other romance novels. They're both Americans living in Ireland, but Aiden, whose roots are part-Irish, has most of his siblings around while Gray is on her own, with only her best friend. Speaking of her best friend, it would be easy to say that Gray should have considered the possibility that Aiden was a sibling, but I can totally understand where she was coming from since I've known my best friend for seventeen or so years and I don't know how most of her siblings look like, plus Aiden is a common enough name, so the notion of not putting one and one together is plausible. All in all, I enjoyed this novel and would happily read the next one in the series when it's published. 4.5 stars for Expectation. ♥


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Date Read: 20 August 2016

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