Review: Chased by Love by Melissa Foster (The Ryders #3)

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Bestselling author Melissa Foster continues the stories of The Ryders with the third novel, Chased by Love, and this is, so far, my favorite one in the series. Trish Ryder is an A-list actress who was ready to take a much-deserved break when the script for an independent film entitled No Strings lands on her lap. It's the story of a couple--the man destined for rock star greatness, the woman with the power to hold him back because of her drug addiction--and when she learns that the male lead has been offered to none other than Boone Stryker, she's all in. Only Boone seems to have difficulty making the switch from a real-life rock star playing a fictional one for a movie, which threatens the stoppage of the film and would mean Trish being removed as the leading lady. The director decides to force the two together for a period of ten days in order to work on their chemistry and for Trish to keep her promise to help Boone with his acting. Ten days, one house, and a whole lot of pent-up passion could result in a love affair but will it end happily?

I loved Boone and Trish and how different these two were from the typical rock star and Hollywood actress, respectively. Boone has the rock star persona and it's there and highly promoted for very personal reasons, which prove that he's much deeper than the usual rocker who engages in too many drugs, too much alcohol, and groupies galore. He doesn't really let a whole lot of people get to know the real Boone, but there's something about Trish that allows her to get under his skin. As always, family is a huge selling point in this Melissa Foster-penned romance and the dedication Boone has for his family and those who considers part of his family made him even more endearing and truly one of my all-time favorite fictional rock star male lead characters. On the other hand, I think Trish was a great counterpoint to Boone. She's passionate about her craft and loves her family beyond measure. Together, these two made for a very memorable couple and they had a love story that I absolutely enjoyed. Chased by Love receives five stars. ♥


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Date Read: 19 August 2016

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