Review: "Devlin UnLeashed" by Bethany Bazile

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Devlin UnLeashed is a new adult novel by Bethany Bazile that I would classify under the romantic suspense genre. It's about a young woman who has a chance meeting with a mysterious man outside of a coffee shop and is soon pursued relentlessly by said man. However, the man in question is keeping secrets that he's afraid will destroy the fragile relationship he has with the young woman the minute she finds out who he really is. Can a love based on a lies and hate truly survive?

Juliana Callahan is a young woman in her final year of college. She may seem put together but beneath the seemingly perfect facade is someone who is scarred by a traumatic incident in her past. When she accidentally bumps into a man outside of the cafe she frequents, she's immediately taken in by the air of mystery that surrounds him. She hesitates in pursuing a relationship with him but that's short-lived and from there she's swept up in the uncontrollable force that is Devlin Ward.

Devlin Ward is a man conquering the business world. He may seem in perfect control of everything and everyone around him but beneath the cool and calm exterior is someone who has first-hand knowledge of the destruction violence and greed can leave in its wake. Meeting Juliana Callahan was not part of his immediate plans but nothing about that meeting is what it may seem. He needs Juliana in his life and he's waited long enough to make her part of it, even if she has no idea why.

Juliana and Devlin's relationship is intense and filled with a great deal of passion. However, Juliana begins to notice things about Devlin that seem out of place. She doesn't question him and merely accepts his sometimes eccentric behavior as part of who he is. Unfortunately, events begin to spin out of control and when Devlin's trust in Juliana is broken, it is only then that Juliana realizes that she was foolish to give her own trust in Devlin. When love and hate collide, will their be anything left of them?

I'm torn. This book had a captivating premise and a male lead character that was the epitome of the antihero. The twist in the story, one which I figured out, was a good one. However, I was left wondering if what Juliana and Devlin had was truly love or something based on a combination of lust and psychosis. There's no doubt that these two have endured their own share of trauma but their need for one another was obviously an unhealthy one, especially since it was based on less than ideal circumstances.

There's a point in the book where one of the secondary characters, Tyler Preston, is called Trevor Prescott. It happens only once but it's a pretty glaring error and one that I hope was limited only to the ARC and not the final publication. Also, I was left wondering as to how Juliana's father never realized who "Damian" was considering they knew that whoever orchestrated what happened to Juliana had to be someone who had some sort of vendetta against her father. It's not as if "Damian" is a common name.

All in all, the book had its good points and its not-so-good points. Was it a terrible book? Nope. As a matter of fact, I was able to finish it in one sitting and it did hold my attention from start to finish. I was just left with more questions than answers. Still, I think it will appeal to a lot of readers who like their male lead characters with more than a hint of alpha in them. In my case, I was left wanting, especially since I felt that this book had promise. I'm giving Devlin UnLeashed 3.5 stars out of five. ♥

Date read: 24 January 2015

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