Review: The Game by LP Lovell & Stevie J. Cole

Note: This ARC was provided by the authors via Give me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Originally released as a seven-part serial, The Game has been complied into one full-length release. LP Lovell and Stevie J. Cole joined forces once again and have given readers a dark and dirty story about a young woman who is desperate enough to sign over seven days of her life at the hands of two gorgeous and wealthy men all for the handsome sum of one million dollars. Ella Taylor has run out of options by the time she finds herself agreeing to the deal presented to her by her new boss, Tobias Benton, and his business associate, Preston Lucas. It's one contract involving two guys but has three players. Soon enough, Ella will commit four strikes as she breaks most of the five rules, but the six zeros that follow the number one before them could well be worth every single one of the seven days Ella's with Tobias and Preston. The question is, will she last that long and by the end, will stay or go?

I was able to read Ella's story when it was in its serialized form and I admit that the cliffhangers were NOT fun to have to endure because, of course, I had to wait for the release of the next installment, especially when there was a delay in the last few books. Now that it's just one book, you'll be able to get the full effect of this sexy and suspenseful read without the frustration of having to wait. It would be easy to say that Ella could have left at any time during the seven days she was with Tobias and Preston, but Tobias knew exactly what Ella's weaknesses were and used them to his advantage. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean that Ella is a weak character. She evolves throughout the story and gathers her own kind of strength so that by the end, she truly has morphed into someone new. There are twists galore tangled up in this devious and daring book, making The Game a 4.5-starrer. ♥

Release Date: 06 July 2017

Date Read: 06 July 2017

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