Review: Finding Home by Meg Harding

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Signal Boost Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Finding Home is a standalone contemporary M/M romance from Meg Harding--also my second read from this author--and is about thirty-five-year-old Jaden Matthews who heads to Serenity, Florida after learning that his paternal grandmother, a woman he doesn't remember, has left him things in her will. However, it isn't just an inheritance he's going to be going for. Jaden has just found out that he has three half-brothers he's never met, the same half-brothers he now shares a business with. Reeling from his husband confessing to cheating on him and filing for divorce after Jaden loses his job, Jaden thinks a trip to Florida is something timely. What he doesn't expect to find is love in the form of twenty-nine-year-old Chase Michaels and home and family in a place called Serenity.

This was a pretty good and endearing story about a man who doesn't have much of an idea of who he really is and what it is he wants in and from his life until he drives all the way from New York to Florida after learning of his grandmother's passing. It takes a while for Jaden to relax and truly be himself and then he begins to evolve and grow into his own skin, becoming the person he was always meant to be. But does that happen because of Chase, his three brothers, and Serenity only? The term "coming of age" may be attached to young adult stories, but there's no set age for when someone comes into their own. I do have an issue with the author's use of contractions because it seriously bothered me all throughout, so I'm giving Finding Home 3.5 stars out of five stars. ♥

Date Read: 07 July 2017

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