Review: The Weight of Rain by Mariah Dietz (The Weight of Rain #1)

The Weight of Rain is the first novel in the duet by the same name and it also happens to be my very first Mariah Dietz read and what a great read it was! This new adult (NA) love story has a combined second chance romance and lovers-to-enemies-to-friends-to-lovers theme to it. Lo and Bentley met at a party and shared one night that changed them both. In the light of day and with numbers exchanged, the hope to pursue that undeniable connection dissipates with each passing day. Life goes on for twenty-two-year-old art student Lauren Crosby, even though her sketch pad is filled with memories of the guy she never heard from again. A job as a nanny to a temperamental ten-year-old girl proves to be a challenge, but a greater challenge suddenly comes in the form of twenty-seven-year-old Kingston Knight.

This book proved to be quite a surprise, going in a direction that I so wasn’t expecting. There are twists in Lo and King’s story and one in particular shocked the heck out of me, not because of who that person turned out to be but what exactly that person did. There were definitely moments of frustration because there was this major lack of communication going on between Lo and King, both making assumptions instead of asking the questions that they were itching to get answers to. Also, when things were good with Lo and King, it was as if Lo went out of her way to sabotage their relationship. Now, there is a reason as to why Lo is the way she is and my heart ached for her because every child deserves to have a great support system in the form of their family. Alas, reality doesn’t always live up to the ideal.

I really liked Lo, who had a dream and went all in to pursue it even when she was getting push-back from those who were supposed to be thrilled for her. She had her insecurities and moments of self-doubt, but like her artwork, she was a work in progress, requiring the occasional do-over but never pretending she wasn’t composed of lights and shadows. Then there’s King, who I admit was a bit of a jerk to Lo in the beginning, but in hindsight, he was like that kid in grade school who picked on the girl he had a crush on. It was difficult to not fall in love with King, who proved to be such a great brother, uncle, friend, and boyfriend. This book also had a great group of secondary characters with King’s older brother and niece stealing the limelight now and again. The Weight of Rain was about falling in and fighting for love. 4.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 07 August 2016

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