Review: Tempting the Law by Alexa Riley

Note: This ARC was provided by Ardent PRose in exchange for an honest review.

Tempting the Law is the latest novella from bestselling author Alexa Riley and is the story of Coen Black and Eden Mathews. When she was sixteen, Eden was kidnapped and Coen was the detective in charge of her case. He rescues her, both from the man who took her and from the fire that threatened to engulf her. From that moment, their lives are forever entwined, but there is no further contact between the two of them...until Coen receives an invitation in the mail. Eden is now eighteen and is about to graduate high school and she wants nothing more than to have the man who saved her two years ago to witness this milestone in her life. But it isn't just her graduation Eden needs Coen at. There's something more going on and both her heart and mind tell her that the only person she can rely on is the man promised herself to...

This novella is quintessential Alexa Riley, giving readers that quick read that's got enough heat to scorch you with. I'm not sure about the exact age difference between Eden and Coen, but I'm assuming it's substantial enough for not only Coen to take not of but also another character in the story to point out, but then a lot of the author's books play on this, but with the female main character always being of legal age. I liked the basic premise of how Coen and Eden become connected to each other and there's actually a touch of sweetness and sentimentality behind all that steam. I wouldn't call this "insta-love" since it appears they've been fostering feelings for each other for a couple of years already. There's a bit of a twist inserted to keep things interesting so Coen once again rescues his Eden. Four stars for Tempting the Law. ♥

Date Read: 03 August 2016

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