Review: Rock Bottom by Josephine Traynor

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Rock Bottom is the debut release from Josephine Traynor and is the story of a rock star hits rock bottom before being able to reach the ultimate stratosphere of success. Reece Ashton is twenty-seven and finds himself without any access to the millions he's earned as part of Backbeat, the duo he and his best friend Sean Gillings formed together. But Sean's disappeared with no warning and Reece is forced to lay low while their manager deals with the fallout. Without all the comforts and privileges that he's grown accustomed to, Reece is at a complete loss with how to deal with his new, albeit temporary, life as a nobody. He finds help in the form of Madelyn Worthrington, who sees that Reece is more than the rock star persona he's cultivated. With Madelyn, Reece may be pretending to be a nobody but his life has become so much more than what it was when he was somebody. Falling in love becomes an inevitability for both Madelyn and Reece, but she's got a secret and when the real world intrudes, all hell breaks loose.

The book got off to a slow start, and for much longer than I would have anticipated, with the author feeling the need to let us know just how much of a clueless wonder Reece Ashton was now that stardom has been put on hold. His lack of hygiene and helplessness in doing mundane things made him less appealing than he already was. No one taught me how to use a washing machine or a dishwasher because I figured it out for myself. You don't have to be a rocket scientist. It's not as if he's been some sort of rock god from the time he was born and has had minions waiting on him hand and foot forever. He and Madelyn Worthrington did have some sweet moments together and Reece's image in my eyes did improve somewhat as the book progressed. For the most part, I really wish that the pacing had been much better and that the characters and the story were more developed than they were. Rock Bottom rolled along aimlessly for lengths of time rather than rocking this reader to the very core all throughout. Three stars. ♥

Release Date: 01 August 2016

Date Read: 01 August 2016

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