Review: Only Fools Jump by K.P. Haigh

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Only Fools Jump is a standalone romance from K.P. Haigh and is about twenty-three-year-old single mother and college senior Zoey Porter and twentysomething failed business owner Elliott MacCallister. Zoey was eighteen when she found out she was pregnant, the father of her unborn twins abandoning her as soon as she told him about the pregnancy, leaving Zoey to have no one other than herself and her mother to raise her two girls. For the past two years, Zoey has been three-year-old Stewart MacCallister's nanny and she's been able to handle her sweet ward's rather rigid mother. When Stewart's uncle unexpectedly shows up, Elliott MacCallister becomes a temptation Zoey can ill afford to have. Pursuing anything with him would cost her her job, positive that her boss would fire her the minute she finds out. But Elliott is as drawn to his nephew's nanny as she is to him and while he knows that dating her could very well be risky, he hopes to convince Zoey that jumping in and taking a risk could well be worth it in the end.

This is K.P. Haigh's debut release and it certainly showed the author's potential to put together a good story, though there were times that it did falter. Zoey and Elliott both know that getting together could cost Zoey her job, but Zoey's concerns don't match Elliott's, or should I say his lack thereof. This is due, in large part, to the fact that Elliott has no clue what's at stake for Zoey because her boss--who just happens to be Elliott's sister--doesn't know Zoey has twin daughters and Zoey doesn't share the information with Elliott either. Theirs is more of a one step forward, two steps back kind of non-relationship and while there was a bit of sexual tension between the two main characters, it personally didn't feel like enough for me to become one hundred percent invested in. On the surface, though, both Zoey and Elliott were easy to like main characters, thanks to Zoey's dedication to her two girls and to Elliott's being an overall good guy. Only Fools Jump was a promising start to K.P. Haigh's career as an author and easily garners three stars. ♥

Date Read: 31 July 2016

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