Review: This Earl is on Fire by Vivienne Lorret (Season's Original #2)

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His head was spinning once more. This time it was not from a blow to the head but to the heart. How had he let this happen? How had he let her crawl under his skin and live in his veins? Hell, every breath he took was filled with her scent. Every sound filled with her wit. Every sight filled with her smile and her eyes. Especially when she looked at him as if he were put on this earth solely for her.

With a rakish reputation that precedes him--and one that he does nothing to dissuade in any way whatsoever--Liam Cavanaugh has learned the lessons offered up his past by living his present to the fullest and already having a plan for his future in place. He has no intention of settling down at the age of thirty, choosing to wait another three decades before marrying a young bride and working on having an heir of his own to carry on the title of Earl of Wolford. Trouble and scandal have hounded him for years but when he's found bloodied and battered at the front step of a home rented by Lord and Lady Boswick and their twenty-two-year-old daughter Adeline. She may have served as his nursemaid, caring for him and attending to his needs, but he makes one wrong assumption about her and she makes it abundantly clear that she has no intention of pining over him or hoping for a marriage proposal of any sort. Adeline is unlike any woman he's ever met, but her reputation could suffer a blow by her name being attached to his. Maybe, just maybe, reforming his own reputation could help hers, with both of them being seen in a new and more positive light. But can there be a future for two people who insist marriage isn't on the horizon?

When I was in my late teens and twenties, I loved historical and regency romances. Johanna Lindsay, Julie Garwood, and Judith McNaught were just a few of the authors whose stories took me to a time and place gone by and made me fall for stories of love and courtship. Admittedly, I've veered towards more contemporary fare as I've gotten older, being far more selective when it comes to historical and regency tales, but after three stories, I do believe I've found myself a go-to author in the form of Vivienne Lorret. With each new addition to her Season's Original series, I find myself in even more adoration over this set of four friends who discover the trials and triumphs of love. The latest release is This Earl is on Fire, and it is the story of Liam Cavanaugh, Earl of Wolford, and Adeline Pimm, daughter of the Baron and Baroness of Boswick. Their story was lighthearted and lovely, with the kind of banter that I crave for in a lot of the romances that I read, regardless of the era they're set in. There's an ease in their connection, but there's also that tension that relays just how very much aware they are of each other's presence and how drawn they are to one another. Among the three books, I must say that this second full-length one is my favorite.

One moment of deception has made Liam a very jaded man, but being around someone like Adeline, who is a divine mix of fiery innocence and realistic optimism, has him feeling things he's never felt before. Getting to know one another tests their sensibilities in different ways, and I found myself smiling at times, especially when they were together. My heart also went out to both of them--for Liam because he was so much more than his reputation and his title but with only very few seeing beyond all of the trappings and knowing the man beneath it all, and for Adeline who was independent and confident but still had an insecurity or two hidden away. They were perfect together and can I just say that the letter she wrote brought a tear to my eye? Very swoon-worthy. I loved that two of the three other couples in the series, Northcliff and Ivy Bromley and Max Harwick and Juliet White (whose own story will be told in the third full-length novel), were part of Liam and Adeline's love story. I wonder if Gemma, Liam's cousin, will be featured in a novella in the future because her circumstances here make me curious if she'll be able to overcome the challenges she has to face in the future. The Earl is on Fire is a five-plus-star 2016 favorite. ♥


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Date Read: 12 August 2016

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  1. I told Vivienne the same thing, I am so not a historical person that much any more but she is by far one of my top top favorites! Thank you for sharing your lovely review!

    1. Right?! This series has restored my love for historical romances. :)

      Thank you for letting me be part of the tour!


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