Review: Chasing Charlie by Aria Cole

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Save for one title, I've read every release author Aria Cole has had so far and I must say that Chasing Charlie is my favorite. Yes, it's a quickie read at over sixty pages, but it doesn't skimp as far as quality is concerned, giving readers a complete story about an Irishman who finds the girl of his dreams in Cambridge, Massachusetts and has to win her love and trust with both his words and actions. Liam Fitzpatrick was born and raised in Ireland but going to university in the United States was a way for him to forge his independence. Working the summer at a bar was meant to be nothing more than a new experience for him as well as to earn a few extra bucks. But Liam's summer is about to one that'll change his life forever because he meets Charlie de Rossi, a sassy and sexy young woman who happens to be his boss's one and only daughter. There's an immediate connection between the two of them, but once was enough for Charlie to keep her heart protected. The chase is on for Liam to show her they're meant to be...

This was such an easy, breezy read, thanks, in large part, to the main characters, Liam and Charlie. They were both highly likable and it was clear that there was this believable chemistry between the two of them. Their respective pasts provide for enough angst to make their back stories interesting, especially in seeing how they'll impact a possible future for them. There are two supporting characters in the story: Charlie's father and her brother, Vince Sr. and Vince Jr. Even in the limited number of times they're featured in the book, they make their presence felt and they do play important parts in the happily-ever-after that's in store for the couple. The key to novellas like this one--novellas that have guaranteed happy endings--is that it needs to be more than about sex. I've read more than my fair share and the best ones tend to have more story than sex and the sex scenes themselves shouldn't feel as if they're gratuitous. Overall, Chasing Charlie had a great flow, an entertaining story, and easy-to-like characters, which is why it gets 4.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 30 August 2016

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