Review: "Talk Dirty to Me, Cowboy" by Jodi Linton (Deputy Laney Briggs #1.6)

Talk Dirty to Me, Cowboy is the second novella in the Deputy Laney Briggs series by Jodi Linton and is currently available as a freebie from my favorite ebook retailers. This is a much shorter read than the previous novella but it sure as heck made up for whatever steam was missing in book one of the series. The book focuses solely on the two lead characters and gives hints on where there relationship is at, this being a year or so after the end of first full-length novel.

This a night in the lives of lead characters Pistol Rock's Deputy Sheriff Laney Briggs and Texas Ranger Gunner Wilson and is told from their interchanging points of view. While there isn't really much in terms of story or character development, the novella does show readers of the series the inner thoughts that Laney and Gunner have regarding the status of their relationship and how they're still trying to figure out how to move forward and fully trust one another.

Fans of the series will remember that Laney and Gunner lost their baby a few years back and then their relationship imploded after Laney caught Gunner with another woman. While they may have gotten back together and are now cohabiting, they've still got issues that they need to hash out. Unfortunately, communication seems to be the biggest hurdle that these two need to overcome instead of falling on their tried and tested fallback of hot and heavy sex.

As with the previous novella, there are bits and pieces here that I'm thinking will come into play in future installments in the series. It may appear that there's no mystery to be solved here but both Laney and Gunner are keeping secrets from one another, more on Gunner's end than Laney's, and allowing that to go on may spell the end for our favorite law enforcement couple. Oh, and the much fewer editing issues definitely made me a happy camper. ^.^ Talk Dirty to Me, Cowboy gets four stars.

Date read: 06 January 2015

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