Review: "Some Like It Spicy" by Robbie Terman (Perfect Recipe #1)

Some Like It Spicy is the first book in the Perfect Recipe series by Robbie Terman and one that has the two lead characters falling for one another on the set of a reality show that had chefs competing against one another for the title of "celebrity chef". It would be simple if they were both contestants but while the female lead character happens to be one, the male lead character is a judge on the show and that means neither of them can engage in anything considered "inappropriate". But rules are meant to be broken and when they are, will the lead characters be ready for the repercussions that will follow?

Ashton Grey is a talented chef but the restaurant she co-owns with her best friends is floundering and her reputation as being very protective of and defensive with the food she creates can make her somewhat of a hothead with patrons. When one such incident is videotaped by a diner who just happens to work for a popular reality cooking show, Ashton is encouraged by her best friends to join, if only to help get the word out for the restaurant. With money to help the restaurant and her reputation at stake, Ashton is ready to take on the competition. What she isn't ready for is the show's judge and host.

Ty Cates is a man who appears to have it all--a supportive and loving family, a reputation for being a great chef, his own successful restaurant, and a supportive and loving family. However, he's beginning to feel the burden of his popularity and he's beginning to wonder if it's all worth it. He hates having his every move dictated by contracts he's signed and wants to be able to get back to where he's happiest--the kitchen. When he meets chef Ashton Grey, he's immediately drawn to her. The fact that she's a contestant could get him sued for breach of contract but he's finding it difficult to stay away.

Ashton and Ty begin a secret affair, trying to hide what's going on from the rest of the contestants and people involved with the show. They think no one else notices but they've already gotten the attention of some, with one who appears to be going to certain lengths to make their relationship publicly known. As much as they realize what's at risk, neither is ready to walk away, even as they claim that what's happening between them is merely physical. Just how much are Ashton and Ty willing to sacrifice to continue what's looking like more than just simple sex and will they get their happily ever after?

I loved that this story was set on a reality show and while the behind the scene action was definitely the spice in the book, the on-camera stuff was interesting and, at times, humorous. Ashton and Ty were a great couple and had that definite zing that I look for in fictional pairings. I was glad that they didn't pretend as if keeping the professional and personal aspects of their lives was easy because the harder it was for them to pretend, the more palpable the love that was growing between them. I truly enjoyed Some Like It Spicy and highly recommend it to my fellow bookaholics. This gets my first five stars for 2015! ♥

Date read: 09 January 2015

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