Review: "Some Like It Sinful" by Robbie Terman (Perfect Recipe #2)

Some Like It Sinful is the second novel in the Perfect Recipe series by Robbie Terman and is about a pastry chef whose dream of opening her own bakery is about to come true only to have a well-known bakery chain also about to open right across from her and a professional hockey player at the twilight of his career who gets himself into some legal trouble. These two are paired together in the strangest of circumstances but it becomes a beneficial one for both of them. After all, there's nothing wrong with being sparring partners with benefits, right?

Chloe Nelson knows her baked goodies are a step above the rest of the pastries found in supermarket shelves and bakery chains. Opening her own bakery was a risk, especially since it meant leaving the security of being part of a successful and popular restaurant she co-owned with her best friends behind. This is something she's always dreamed of but the threat of a competitor with an established name and following has her feeling anxious. When her sister suggests something out of the ordinary to help her out, Chloe's not so sure if the plan will work.

Griffin Lange is the captain of his hockey team and he's built a reputation for himself both on and off the ice. Unfortunately, his team has been on a years-long losing slump and maybe spending his time worried about making a good impression on his younger teammates instead of disciplining them is partly to blame. When he gets caught doing something illegal, he has no other choice but to accept the deal set by the assistant district attorney, even if it does mean working in a bakery with a woman who has no clue who he is and pushes all his buttons.

Having Griffin around will hopefully drum up more business for Chloe's bakery while keeping him out of jail but then Griffin is forced to ask her to pretend to be his girlfriend for the sake of his reputation with the team. Chloe hesitantly agrees but their fake relationship begins to spiral out of control when its used for a public relations campaign for the team and both she and Griffin have to continue lying to family and friends. Sooner or later, the truth is bound to come out, but by then, will they still be pretending to be a couple or are they ready to make it real?

At the beginning of the story, it didn't feel as if there was an actual connection between Griffin and Chloe, which can sometimes be a good thing because readers get to see as their relationship develops. Just like with the first book, this one had me smiling at certain points due to both the banter and sweet moments between the lead characters. Chloe was a bit frustrating because of her preconceived notions regarding Griffin and Griffin trying to be the cool hockey superstar with everyone else had me wanting to smack him but then they realize the error of their ways.

Being such a fan of the first book's, I was glad that their was more than just a glimpse of Ty and Ashton Cates, plus the groundwork for Jenna Rawley's own story was laid out and it definitely got me interested to see what was in store for her. Perfect Recipe is fast becoming one of my favorite series and the two books I've read so far have brought romance with hints of humor, drama, and a twist or two to keep you hooked from start and craving for more by the time you finish. I recommend Some Like It Sinful and its predecessor and am giving this second book 4.5 stars. ♥

Date read: 10 January 2015

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