Review: The Gun Runner by Scott Hildreth (Mafia Made #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by Carina Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

From the moment Terra is rescued by Michael in the parking lot of a coffee shop, their paths seemed destined to be merged. He says he's into investments and she says she's in the shoe business. But the investments Michael Tripp is involved in have to do with firearms, and he's building quite a name for himself as the gun runner to turn to. Terra Wilson is indeed into shoes, but the kind that she can buy and add to her collection. She's also not any ordinary girl. She's Terra Agrioli, only daughter of the head of the mafia, but that's not the kind of information you give out to someone you've just met...or someone you're attracted to...or someone you've been dating for weeks...or someone you're falling in love with. They're both immersed in worlds that muddle what's legal and what isn't, but can a mafia princess ever find happiness with the very gun runner her father has his eye on? Will Michael still want her when he learns the truth that Terra's been hiding the entire time they've been together or will everything come to an end?

The Gun Runner is the first novel in the Mafia Made series and my first Scott Hildreth read. There was a lot of chemistry between Michael and Terra and their relationship was definitely passionate and intense as well as also being filled with lighter moments. Their lives become far more interconnected than either one of them could have ever realized, and it's one of the far more interesting aspects of their story. Then there's the fact that Terra hasn't told Michael who she really is, which got rather tiresome after a certain point in the book because it felt disingenuous on her part. You know when people say that you should know you enemy? That rings true for both the mafia and Michael. They have the resources and I'd be surprised if Terra's father wasn't keeping a close watch on Michael, which would mean he knows about the relationship going on between his daughter and the gun runner. So yeah, there's a bit of eyebrow raising on my end, but overall, The Gun Runner was a good four-star beginning to this romantic suspense series. ♥

Date Read: 13 August 2016

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