Release Blitz: The In Luv Duet by Jay Crownover & Rebecca Yarros

The In Luv Duet Girl in Luv Boy in Luv by Jay Crownover & Rebecca Yarros Release Dates: October 20, 2019 (all retailers EXCEPT Amazon) October 21, 2019 (exclusively on Amazon)
About the In Luv duet
Girl in Luv (book one) Langley Vaughn is in desperate need of a date.
But not just any date.
She’s looking for a date to the wedding from hell. It isn’t every day you’re forced to be in the bridal party while your first love marries your arch nemesis… otherwise known as the world’s worst stepsister. The entire situation is a nightmare, and Langley is sick and tired of taking orders and forcing a fake smile. She’s done being the bad guy when she was the one who was wronged.
She needs to find a date who’s not afraid of her family’s money and someone who is willing to shake things up. She needs someone outside of her normal social circle, someone ready to go to war with the well-to-do. She needs someone who won’t back down. Someone willing to play the complicated game of tug of war she’s been enga…

Review: Girl in Luv & Boy in Luv by Jay Crownover & Rebecca Yarros (In Luv #1-#2)

Note: The eBooks and paperbacks were provided by the authors as incentives for the paperback pre-orders for The Last Letter (Rebecca Yarros) and Justified (Jay Crownover).
When you're told that two of your favorite go-to authors have finally joined writing forces to create not just one but two books, you'll do anything to get your greedy hands on them, which is why I didn't even hesitate to pre-order Rebecca Yarros's The Last Letter from Entangled Publishing and Jay Crownover's Justified (the first full-length novel in her Loveless, Texas series) from Forever in paperback in order to receive the Girl in Luv and Boy in Luv novellas, respectively, a short period of time after the release of said novels from Yarros and Crownover. And hey, how the heck could I say "no" to signed books from these two awesome storytellers?! And boy, oh boy, did Crownover and Yarros repay their fans and readers with a duet that reminds us that love doesn't rely on a time tab…

Book Spotlight: Beyond the Pale by Jennifer Millikin

Beyond the Pale by Jennifer Millikin Date Released: October 15, 2019
About Beyond the Pale My whole life I’ve known Finn Jeffries and Brady Sterling would be my undoing. 
The three of us were inseparable, but growing up with two boys as your best friends comes with it’s own certain type of growing pains. 
As a child, Finn was wild and free, and grew up to be a devilishly handsome man with a smirk that frustrated me as much as it did other things to me. 
Brady was brave and loyal, and the kind of man he grew into didn't surprise me a bit: devoted and gallant, with a handsome, trustworthy face that made my heart beat faster.   
We went our separate ways for college, but now it’s eight years later and a pact we made back then has brought us back to our hometown. 
Back to the complicated situation we ran from. 
Back to the love triangle we never really escaped. 
I love them both, and it’s time for me to make a choice.  
I’ve always known one of them would be my forever, I just never knew…

Review: Beyond the Pale by Jennifer Millikin

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via InkSlinger PR.
Beyond the Pale is my first read from Jennifer Milkin and it certainly proved to be a rather interesting one, albeit it having been stretched till close to the last minute and to the point where I just wanted to find out if my suspicions were right from the moment I read the blurb (and yes, they were). This was the story of three best friends--Lennon Davies, Finn Jeffries, and Brady Sterling. From the time they were kids, the three of them were tied together by a bond that surpassed your typical friendship. Lennon loved both Finn and Brady, different as the two boys were. Finn was a carefree spirit while Brady was far more careful, but both cared deeply for Lennon. College led them to varying directions--Lennon to Texas, Finn to California, and Brady to Chicago. Eight years later, a pact that the three friends made has led them back to their hometown of Agua Mesa, Arizona. The time has come for Lennon to …

Release Blitz: The Royal Rogue by Karina Halle

The Royal Rogue (Nordic Royals #4) by Karina Halle Date Released: October 19, 2019
About The Royal Rogue Every family has a black sheep – even the royal ones.
In the royal family of Denmark, that black sheep is me. To the public I’m known as Princess Stella, but I feel anything but royal. As a single mom, divorcee, social outcast, and forever forgotten about under the magnetism and power of my older brother, King Aksel, I’m used to being an outlier. Though it doesn’t matter when my whip-smart nine-year-old daughter, Anya, is my whole world anyway.
Then that world of mine gets turned upside down.
I meet Prince Orlando of Monaco, whom the media has dubbed “The Royal Rogue” for many good reasons. I can’t stand that arrogant smirk on his face, the lewd words that leave his lips – pretty much everything about him. I especially can’t stand how infuriatingly sexy he is and how he manages to get under my skin like no one else.
It’s been a long time since a man could make me feel that way, so you …

Cover Re-Reveal: Moonlighter by Sarina Bowen

Moonlighter (The Company #1) by Sarina Bowen Release Date: October 22, 2019 Cover Design: By Hang Le Photography: Wander Aguiar Photography

About Moonlighter Only in my family could a professional hockey player earning seven million dollars a year be considered a slacker.
I’m at the height of my athletic career. Yet my arrogant brother is always trying to recruit me into the family business: a global security company so secretive that I don’t even know its name. 
Pass, thanks. I don’t need a summer job. 
But the jerk ambushes me with a damsel in distress. That damsel is Alex, the competitive, sassy girl I knew when we were kids. Now she’s a drop-dead gorgeous woman in deep trouble.
So guess who’s on a flight to Hawaii?
It’s going to be a long week in paradise. My job is keeping Alex safe, while her job is torturing me with her tiny bikinis. Or maybe we’re torturing each other. It’s all snark and flirting until the threat against Alex gets serious. And this jock must become her major league p…

Book Spotlight: Second Song by Edie Danford

Second Song (Sugarhouse Blues #1) by Edie Danford Date Released: October 7, 2019
About Second Song A wounded singer's second act. A bodyguard's redemption. Two grieving souls find healing in love's sweetest song.
Four years ago, a brutal attack shot down my soaring music career. My bodyguard, a man I loved like a brother, was killed, and serious injuries left my voice permanently damaged.
Songs silenced, I retreated to my Vermont home, unsure I’d ever perform again.
Now I’m ready to go public with my new act. But, yeah, I’m a little nervous. So to handle security for a trial-run tour, I’m hiring a guy I trust absolutely—Antonio Callan, my former bodyguard’s brother.
But when Antonio shows up, all super-chill fierceness and warm, understanding eyes, I’m up against an unexpected risk—losing my heart.

Touring backwoods bars with a reclusive singer is the wrong gig at the wrong time. But how can I refuse the wounded kid my brother thought of as family?
After a week in Ve…