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Review: Chasing Destiny by Megan Erickson (Silver Tip Pack #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
He wrapped his other hand around my neck and caressed my jaw with his thumb. The warm of his touch spread through me. I was right where I’d always wanted to be. His smile was slow, spreading across his face like dripping honey. “You’re the destiny I’ve been chasing all my life, Nash.”
Megan Erickson introduced us to her world composed of werewolves, shifters, and zombie werewolves in Daring Fate, the opening salvo in her Silver Tip Pack series. What wasn't to like in this newly opened realm of this author's imagination? It had an air of familiarity courtesy of wolf shifters, but goodness, how Erickson took it up a notch with her Weres and Noweres! While waiting for the release of the second full-length novel in the series, she treated her loyal readers to an exclusive look at the relationship of two other supporting characters in that series starter, and we gobbled that stuff up like, well, bacon (becau…

Release Blitz: Peepshow by Clare London

Peepshow (London Lads #4) by Clare London Release Date: July 26, 2017 Dreamspinner Press
About Peepshow Ever wanted to spy secretly on other people’s lives?
Ken doesn’t have a choice: his student summer job is manning the CCTV screens for the new central London shopping mall. But instead of spotting criminals or vandals, he becomes fascinated by a cute waiter from the local bistro who sneaks out to the backyard for his break—and plays sexy to the camera.
Is he an old friend, or just an anonymous exhibitionist? Should Ken be excited by this naughty peepshow, or will people think he’s a voyeuristic pervert? Poor Ken’s confused and thrilled in turn. It’s like living in one of the movies he’s studying at university. He knows the man can’t see him, yet Ken feels a connection of some kind. It all encourages Ken to continue with his guilt-ridden Waiter Watch.
Ken bears the suspense as long as he can, until a chance meeting and an abortive blind date provide the explanation to the secret assignatio…

Review: Peepshow by Clare London (London Lads #4)

Note: This ARC was provided by the publisher via Signal Boost Promotions in exchange for an honest review.
Peepshow is the fourth addition to the ongoing London Lads series from Clare London, originally published a few years ago with another publisher and now re-published by way of Dreamspinner Press. This quickie read is about Ken Cooper who spends many of his waking hours keeping an eye on the monitors that are fed by closed-circuit television cameras the security company he works for. It isn't exactly the most stimulating of activities, but Ken is about to get an unexpected shock when he glimpses a waiter for a nearby restaurant giving the camera--him--a wink, later followed by an act of a more...intimate...nature. But Ken can't get a clear look at the waiter, leaving him with no idea who it could be. Is it someone he knows or could it be a complete stranger? Either way, when he does find out who his exhibitionist is, will it mean the end to his regular peepshow or will he g…

Release Blitz: The Hunting Grounds by Katee Robert

The Hunting Grounds (Hidden Sins #2) by Katee Robert Date Released: July 25, 2017 Montlake Romance
About The Hunting Grounds For two FBI agents with a past, love becomes a matter of life and death in the new Hidden Sins novel from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Katee Robert.
Maggie Gaines used to be an FBI agent—top of her class and one of the bright, up-and-coming stars—until she spectacularly fell apart during her first high-profile case. That was eight years ago. Now she’s a ranger at Glacier National Park, and she’s found some measure of peace. But when the body of a murdered woman is discovered, she must finally put the past behind her and work with the one man she thought she’d never see again.
For months, Vic Sutherland has been hunting a killer who’s been targeting unsuspecting hikers in national parks—and now the predator has come to Glacier. Vic knows the case will bring him face-to-face with his former partner, yet nothing can prepare him for seeing Maggie again …

Book Spotlight: Treading Water by Jessie G.

Treading Water (Forgotten Soldier #2) by Jessie G. Date Released: July 18, 2017
About Treading Water After devoting eighteen years of his life to the US Navy, Petty Officer First Class Shane Parker is struggling with the very real possibility of becoming unnecessary. If he doesn’t make Chief Petty Officer before his twenty—and it doesn’t seem likely that he will—he’ll be retired from active service and placed on the Fleet Reserve list until his mooring lines are officially cut forever. While it would all be very honorable and ceremonial, he simply wasn’t civilian material.
Before even swearing-in, Julian Brand knew he wasn’t cut out to be a soldier, but refusing wasn’t an option. Generations of Brand man made careers in the military and the expectation of every Brand son was to follow in those prestigious footsteps. Though the prospect of being rolled back dodged his every step, somehow he made it through boot camp and did his time. Six years after not reenlisting, Julian still struggles …

Review: Treading Water by Jessie G. (Forgotten Soldier #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.
Treading Water is the second and newest addition to the Forgotten Soldier series from author Jessie G. and it's a much longer read than its predecessor, series starter Micah's Soldier. When Seaman Sean Murphy is injured in a freak accident while working on an aircraft carrier, his best friend and his closest cousin are brought together by the Ramos Foundation, led by Jared Ramos and ably assisted by Aiden (whose last name I don't recall being mentioned). Petty Officer First Class Shane Parker and Julian Brand will do anything in order to make sure that Sean has everything he needs in order to not just recover from his injuries, but also to truly begin living life to the fullest. But even as Sean needs them, Shane and Julian know that they'll also have to lean on one another. The two become friends and their attraction adds on certain benefits. Could they be d…

Review: Micah's Soldier by Jessie G. (Forgotten Soldier #1)

Note: This ebook was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.
Originally intended to be part of anthology, Micah's Soldier is my first Jessie G. read and it kicks off the author's Forgotten Soldier series. Short but poignant, this quickie read is about Gunnery Sergeant Garrison Douglas and Micah Stills, both twenty-eight. Returning home from his final tour, Garrison takes in the civilian contingent greeting other veterans arriving in the airport. Many have families and friends welcoming them back, but Garrison has no one, having lost members of his family through the years and having ended his relationship with his boyfriend five years ago, knowing all too well that he would come back changed and not wanting Micah to have to live with the waiting and then having a war-ravaged man return instead of the one he saw off to enlistment eight years prior. He told Micah to leave him be, so why does Garrison wish he were there to wel…

Book Spotlight: A Losing Battle by Annie Stone

A Losing Battle (Free at Last #2) by Annie Stone Date Released: July 22, 2017
About A Losing Battle Hunter has left home to join the Marine Corps, leaving Mackenzie behind, confused and unsure about her feelings. She loves Carter, she really, really does, but could there be a spark between her and Hunter, as well?
Mackenzie does the only thing she can in the circumstances: she buries her conflicting emotions in her work. But when she sees Hunter again, she knows the time for a decision has come.
Little does she know, time is running out for the both of them.

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An Excerpt from A Losing Battle Hunter
After graduation, we’ll get ten days off. Killian has invited me to Texas, and I’ve decided to accept because I still can’t imagine going home. And I have nowhere else to go.

Everybody is desperate for our graduation ceremony. Not just because it means we’ve made it, but because they’re proud. They want to …