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Review: Leaning Into Forever by Lane Hayes (Leaning Into #7)

Note: An advanced reader copy was provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing & Design.

“Thank you.”“For what?”“I don't know. Just being you. You're exactly what I need right now, and I-I learned the hard way that it's very important to tell people how much they matter to you while you have the chance. So I'm telling you, Levi, my matter to me.”
Gah! This book! I wish it had come with some sort of tissue warning or a note that it should be read in public because, damn it, I ended up reading it while I was out and I got weepy and now I have a bad cold. I'm totally blaming Lane Hayes for this. Why? Because this Leaning Into series ender (WAAAAAH!) was every bit the bittersweet story I expected it to be and yet it also turned out to be far more than I could have ever hoped for. Geordie de la Rosa's story of finding love after the greatest loss of his life has been a long time coming. Well, okay, not like years, but ever since Geordie was introduced i…

Release Blitz: Surrender by Amy Daws

Surrender (Harris Brothers #4) by Amy Daws Release Date: July 19, 2018
About Surrender One night of complete surrender is all it takes. 
Gareth Harris is Manchester United’s reclusive star defender. He has control over all aspects of his life. But a lifetime of supporting his siblings and filling in for an emotionally absent father has taken its toll. 
Sloan Montgomery is a clothing stylist whose world was turned upside down when she found herself pregnant and moving to Manchester with a man who was never supposed to be her forever. Now recently divorced and struggling with shared custody of her daughter, control is a fleeting concept for this American living in England. 
Both Gareth and Sloan are in need of a release. 
A moment in time where they can forget about their pasts and family pressures...and just...
No one could predict what happens when both of their defences are down.
Surrender is part one of The Final Harris Brother Duet and concludes with Dominate. The Final Harri…

Review: Surrender by Amy Daws (Harris Brothers #4)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions.
She gets control of my body. She gets control of my mind. But my heart and soul are mine. I refuse to turn into my father and give myself to a woman entirely at the cost of everything that’s important to me.
This book! So. Frickin'. Good!!! Yeah, it's so good I'm starting this review off with incomplete sentences. Go me! But seriously, Surrender was far more than I could have hoped it would be, and it's impending release was what lit a fire under my butt and had me finally reading the first three novels in the Harris Brothers series (yes, yes, I should be ashamed it took me THIS long to actually read them!). Maybe I should call this the Year of the Amy Daws Book Binge since I listened to Wait for Me--my first ever Daws book--audiobook a couple of months ago and I'm just now all caught up with her series about her football playing brothers. I've also bumped her much earli…

Book Spotlight: Freed by Carly Phillips

Freed (Rosewood Bay #3) by Carly Phillips Date Released: July 10, 2018
About Freed Fall for the missing Ward sister…
Juliette Collins is privileged and isolated from the world by her over-protective father. She thinks she knows the truth about her history until a file in her father’s safe reveals she has sisters she never knew about. A family she’s never met. Betrayed, she realizes there’s a life waiting for her outside the walls of her daddy’s New York City penthouse and Juliet is determined to live it. Against her father’s wishes, she heads to a small beach community to meet her siblings… and finds herself way out of her depth instead.
In the personal protection business, Braden Clark thinks nothing of taking on a job to watch over a city girl in town for the summer. If her father wants to know his daughter is safe, it’s no problem and an easy way of earning a paycheck. Except Braden doesn’t count on falling for the sheltered Juliette. Watching her experience her firsts, getting an apart…

Review: Freed by Carly Phillips (Rosewood Bay #3)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Social Butterfly PR.
Juliette Collins loves her father and can appreciate his protectiveness even if he does go overboard at times. But when the twenty-six-year-old discovers that he's been keeping a secret from her, she's devastated. How could he not tell her that she had two older sisters and make her think that her mother was dead? Juliette decides to leave behind the only life she's known and flies from New York City to the small beach town of Rosewood Bay in Connecticut. So what if she sticks out like the city girl that she is in the tiny community where everyone seems to know everyone else's business? People seem to be friendly and she's even managed to snag a job waitressing. An added bonus is the presence of a good-looking customer named Braden Clark. He seems to be as drawn to her as she is to him. The attraction blossoms into more, but what happens when Juliette learns the truth about Brad…

Release Blitz: Crazy Sexy Love by Alison G. Bailey

Crazy Sexy Love by Alison G. Bailey Release Date: July 19, 2018
About Crazy Sexy Love Doug and Sophie from the international bestselling book The Dance get to tell their own crazy, sexy, love story.
Sophie is an intelligent independent woman. After her parents’ divorce when she was a child, Sophie tossed the idea of “happily ever after” out the window. No personal attachments or commitments is the way she lives her life. After her best friend, Bryson reunited with her soulmate Hart, Sophie is forced to allow his friends into her world. Luckily, she is fond of her new circle of friends, except when it comes to one handsome, six foot, green eyed buffoon who won’t take no for an answer . . . Doug Truman.
Doug is everything women want in a man. He is a self-described hottie, very witty, and quite the charmer. He can’t imagine any woman not wanting his attention. And they do. The problem is, Doug has a very short attention span, except when it comes to one woman . . . Sophie Cipriano. At first…

Review: Crazy Sexy Love by Alison G. Bailey

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Social Butterfly PR.
Crazy Sexy Love is a companion novel to The Dance, although both books can totally be read as standalones, and this new release has a romantic comedy feel to it. If you've read The Dance, then Sophie Cipriano and Douglas Truman should be more than familiar to you. Doug has no boundaries and Sophie is bound to punch him right where it hurts if he doesn't keep his inappropriate behavior in check. She can't stand being around him for longer than a few seconds, but with their respective best friends falling in love, getting married, AND having a child, Doug's constant presence is a guarantee. So when Doug unexpectedly shows up at her door asking to stay for a period of time because his place needs some heavy duty repairing, Sophie isn't too sure why she actually says yes. The more time they spend together in close quarters, the more comfortable they become. But is Doug really making …

Release Blitz: Chasing Clouds by Kathryn Andrews

Chasing Clouds by Kathryn Andrews Release Date: July 19, 2018
About Chasing Clouds Reid Jackson I’m a simple guy. There are only two things I love: my family and playing professional football.
I may not understand why people get married, but I’d go anywhere for my brother, even his friend Camille’s wedding. Once I’m there, I realize our Bronx upbringing has left me unprepared for the world of old Southern money. Over twenty-four hours, I see scandal, threats, and lies. It’s a life I don’t relate to, a place I never want to belong. Even so, when the minister asks if anyone objects, I shock not only myself but also the beautiful bride when I stand up and say, “I do.” I don’t know her, she doesn’t know me—but deep down, I knew I had to make that move.
Camille Whitley As a political socialite in the South, nothing about my life is simple.
For years I’ve known I’d one day be standing at the altar, about to marry a man I don’t love. In Savannah, family expectations and appearances are everything, …