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Review: How to Bang a Billionaire by Alexis Hall (Arden St. Ives #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
God, how did you explain Caspian Hart? “It’s like there’s all that and so much more, you know? Or I thought there was.” My eyes were stinging again. “He kept showing me…I kept seeing these glimpses. Behind the perfection. Of this…ordinary man, who was kind and funny and sexy and lonely and needed me and—”And, shitshitshitfuckshit, I burst into tears.
Well, that certainly wasn't what I was expecting...and in all the best ways possible! How to Bang a Billionaire is the first in award-winning Alexis Hall's new M/M contemporary romance series from Forever Yours entitled Arden St. Ives. A billionaire with a sadistic streak and a university student who catches his fancy? Does that sound familiar? Those are the only two things about this book that have an air of familiarity about them because the writing itself is above and beyond that of the trilogy you've got lingeri…

Release Blitz: Ghost in His Eyes by Carrie Aarons

Ghost in His Eyes by Carrie Aarons Release Date: April 23, 2017
About Ghost in His Eyes He was as magnetic as a deadly hurricane to the shore.
Carson Cole was my first love. The boy I'd shared my whole self with.
He was the man who'd taken the other part of my soul and drowned it in the sea we'd grown up in.
And now he's back. Ten years later, and the demons of our past are still haunting every breath trapped between us.
She was as wild as the horses who owned the beach highways we drove down.
Blake Sayer was the beautiful daredevil who had me wrapped around her finger from the time we were seven.
Until a horrible accident stole every piece of joy from her life.
Ten years later, she's a shell of the girl she once was, and it's all my fault. The whispers of our history shackle her to the island I left behind.
Just like lost years and unspoken words, love had slipped from our fingers like grains of sand. We’d barely made it out alive last time, was it even possible to…

Review: Ghost in His Eyes by Carrie Aarons

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review.
Carrie Aarons is one of those go-to authors who manages to still surprise me with what she has up next for fans and readers to devour. With her latest standalone, Ghost in His Eyes, she's given us a second-chance romance that is as heartrending as it is hopeful, about three best friends, two of whom fell madly in love, but when they lost the third member of their triumvirate, everything about them changed, leaving nothing more than a love that was lost and hearts seemingly broken beyond repair. When they meet ten years later, the scars are still there--emotional and physical--but so is the love that they've never had with anyone else. But can they finally overcome their loss?
Blake Sayer and Carson Cole were young and in love, with the future at their fingertips, ready to move on to college and see where life takes them next. But all it takes is one moment--one painful even…

Release Blitz: Gasping for Air by T.S. McKinney

Gasping for Air (Game Day #2) by T.S. McKinney Date Released: April 20, 2017 Painted Hearts Publishing
About Gasping for Air How far will Trystan go to win the heart of the man he loves? All the way.
Trystan Matherly is conceited, arrogant, and rich. He has plenty of money, athletic ability, and gorgeous looks to keep the men forming a long line just to be with him. Choosing his next lover has been as simple as down-selecting to the hottest candidate.
Until Dakota.
With his sad eyes, full lips, and perfectly sculpted swimmer’s body, Dakota is just the kind of lover Trystan wants. After only one look, he knows he has to have him. Too bad Dakota seems to be totally oblivious to all his charms. 
Dakota Jacobson is lonely, tired, and depressed. He’s at Alabama Temple to complete his degree, not to put up with idiots. He works diligently to be as invisible as possible. He doesn’t need friends and he sure doesn’t need lovers…especially not football titans that think they rule the world. Nope; bee…

Review: Gasping for Air by T.S. McKinney (Game Day #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.
Gasping for Air is the second full-length book but third overall release--following Touchdown and Frozen Hearts--in the Game Day M/M sports romance series from T.S. McKinney. College football star Trystan Matherly is used to having both guys and girls fawn over him. He's never had anyone turn him down and his future is pretty much set, confident that he'll be the first draft pick in the NFL. He's cocky but that's because he knows just how good he is on the field. When he sees mid year-transferee and college senior Dakota Jacobson, he's locked on to the guy he wants in his bed. The thing is, Dakota doesn't give him the time of the day. With a bit of stalking at the aquatic center where swimmer Dakota spends a lot of his time, Trystan soon finds himself actually wanting to get to know the guy, not just get him into bed. But there are dark and deep-roote…

Review: Fishy Riot by Lindsey Black

Note: This ARC was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest review.
Fishy Riot isn't at all fishy but it is a riot--though the "riot" in the title has more to do with the riot police, of which main character Taylor Jameson and his twin brother Clay are part of, and the "fishy" part meaning "suspicious". First-time author Lindsey Black adds in her unique sense of humor--at times, in your face, other times, more subtle and witty--with action and suspense and comes up with a wholly creative and entertaining debut novel. The story is about a riot squad police officer named Taylor Jameson who isn't exactly known for his gregarious and laidback nature. He does his job and does it with a sense of purpose, but it never gets personal for him...until he meets Sietta Salisbury, the son of a well-known politician and a musical prodigy of sorts. Oh, and most of Australia had presumed he was dead. When Taylor is handed a mysterious USB, its conte…

Book Spotlight: Snap Shot by V.L. Locey

Snap Shot (Cayuga Cougars #1) by V.L. Locey Date Released: April 4, 2017
About Snap Shot Mario McGarrity has been around the block – and rink – more than a few times. 
He’s creeping up on retirement age, has some dings and dents, and says what’s on his mind. Not exactly what most would consider a luxury ride, but his beautiful Lila – the transgender woman who stole his heart – loves him like no other woman ever has despite a little rust here and there. 
Everything is good – no, great – aside from the distance issue, until a surprise from Lila’s past crops up and moves in with her. Can Mario be the family man that Lila needs, or is this one game the old vet is unable to skate in?

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An Excerpt from Snap Shot “Every time I see you in my bed, I have to wonder what I did to get so lucky.”
Her hand wiggled between my legs, her warm fingers cupping my balls then squeezing.…

Review: Snap Shot by V.L. Locey (Cayuga Cougars #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Signal Boost Promotions in exchange for an honest review.
Snap Shot is the opening salvo in V.L. Locey's Cayuga Cougars series, which is a spin-off of her Point Shot trilogy, wherein Mario McGarrity was one of the supporting characters, having been on the same team as the main characters, Victor Kalinski and Daniel Arou, who are now happily married. Also part of the third book then was Lila, a transgender woman, and she and Mario were already a couple sorts back then and here in the first book of the spin-off, they're still very much together, although they do live in separate places--she in Aberdeen, he in Cayuga. There's no doubting how devoted Mario and Lila are to each other, making time to be together whenever possible. When Lila's past makes its presence felt in a way Mario never expected, not only is he forced to decide whether to have himself traded in order to be closer to Lila but he also needs to figure out if Lil…