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Review: Tate by Ella Frank (Temptation #5)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
“Never think for one second I have ever thought anything other than the world of you. Because it wouldn’t be true.”Tate’s throat choked up at the sincerity of those words, and then he reached for Logan and kissed him hard. “I feel exactly the same way about you.”“You better,” Logan said against his mouth.“I do.”
If you thought you knew where this fifth and latest Temptation novel was going to go, especially after Logan gave us all a glimpse of where his thoughts where headed, well, buckle up, my fellow L&T lovers and bookaholics, because Ella Frank takes us on one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride. In writing this review, I'm going to assume that you've already read the first four novels--Try, Take, Trust, and Tease--and if you haven't, might I suggest that you get right on that. I learned my lesson after devouring the first three books in one sitting, all in anticipation for the fourth o…

Book Spotlight: Sledgehammer by P. Dangelico

Sledgehammer (Hard to Love #2) by P. Dangelico Date Released: September 11, 2017
About Sledgehammer Amber Jones is in a pickle. And when I say pickle, I mean deep do-do. She knew she shouldn’t have gone to her ex’s New Year’s Eve party. And she reeeaally didn’t mean to almost burn down his house. It was the chafing dish’s fault, dang it! Now she needs a good lawyer, stat. But where to find one?
All work and no play make Ethan Vaughn a very sad and lonely lawyer. Not to mention horny. He really shouldn’t have agreed to help his best friend’s wife’s bestie with her imbroglio. Now she’s remanded on bail––and living in his house. The woman is a walking, talking category five hurricane. And considering his track record with women, he needs to stay as far away from this one as possible. Problem is, he just can’t seem to make himself.

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An Excerpt from Sledgehammer “I want to know exactly what this is going to cost me beca…

Release Blitz: Complications on Ice by S.R. Grey

Complications on Ice (Boys of Winter #3) by S.R. Grey Date Released: September 18, 2017
About Complications on Ice Fun-loving professional hockey player Benjamin “Benny” Perry is all about scoring, both on and off the ice. With his good looks and easygoing personality, women flock to him, which is great. It keeps things the way this Las Vegas Wolves forward likes—uncomplicated.
Too bad that’s all about to change.
When Benny decides to get back at his coach by pursuing his daughter, Eliza, who’s just returned to town under mysterious circumstances, complications abound. What begins as a simple conquest becomes anything but when Benny starts to really fall for Eliza.
But something is up.
Though Eliza seems to be as into him as he is to her, Benny senses she’s hiding something.
Or maybe she’s hiding someone.  
Benny would never guess Eliza is hiding a baby—her baby. But it doesn’t end there. The father of her child just happens to be a hockey player too. And he’s Benny’s biggest nemesis.

Review: Complications on Ice by S.R. Grey (Boys of Winter #3)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.
Complications on Ice is the third Boys of Winter novel from author S.R. Grey and while we already met hockey player Benjamin Perry in the previous book in the series, it's clear from what we learn here that there was way more to the guy than his easygoing charm. At twenty-nine, the guy's a force to be reckoned with on and off the ice. He's a former substance abuser but he's gotten a firm hold on his addictions and is moving on one day at a time. His need to hook-up, however...well, it's not exactly hazardous to his health and it's a mutually beneficial thing, so why stop? He has yet to find a reason--a woman--that'll give him reason to quit with his casual and uncomplicated. Then his coach's daughter shows up and twenty-one-year-old Eliza Townsend is every bit as complicated as he's told she is. Maybe messing around with her is the best wa…

Book Spotlight: Bad Boy's Bard by E.J. Russell

Bad Boy's Bard (Fae Out of Water #3) by E.J. Russell Date Released: September 18, 2017 Riptide Publishing
About Bad Boy's Bard As far as rock star Gareth Kendrick, the last true bard in Faerie, is concerned, the only good Unseelie is . . . well . . . there’s no such thing. Two centuries ago, an Unseelie lord abducted Gareth’s human lover, Niall, and Gareth has neither forgotten nor forgiven.
Niall O’Tierney, half-human son of the Unseelie King, had never lost a wager until the day he swore to rid the Seelie court of its bard. That bet cost him everything: his freedom, his family—and his heart. When he’s suddenly face-to-face with Gareth at the ceremony to join the Seelie and Unseelie realms, Niall does the only thing inhumanly possible: he fakes amnesia. Not his finest hour, perhaps, but he never revealed his Unseelie heritage, and to tell the truth now would be to risk Gareth’s revulsion—far harder to bear than two hundred years of imprisonment.
Then a new threat to Gareth’s life …

Release Blitz: The Queen by Skye Warren

The Queen (Masterpiece #2) by Skye Warren Release Date: September 19, 2017
About The Queen I have one chance at a new life. A college education. A future outside of Tanglewood's dark walls. For a breathless moment it seems like I might actually escape.
Then I get a phone call from home.
Damon Scott is my own personal dragon, the fight I've always lost, the secret hope of my heart. And he needs my help right now. Only my mind can solve the puzzle. Only my presence can keep him sane as the city fights against him.
Only my heart can unlock a man with such a tragic past.
This is my final gamble, with everything at stake. One last game to win a future for both of us.
And a love strong enough to break the city apart.
The Queen is the final novel in the bestselling Masterpiece duet, about a game of lies and loyalty, of betrayal and power, and ascension to the city's throne.

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