Double Audiobook Blitz: Making Rules & Rules to Ignore by Susan Hawke, narrated by Michael Dean

Making Rules (Davey's Rules #4.5) Date Released: March 11, 2020 Rules to Ignore (Davey's Rules #5) Date Released: March 18, 2020 by Susan Hawke narrated by Michael Dean
About Making Rules Davey’s Rule #53: Daddy shouldn’t be afraid to let his boy top.
Before Davey came to work at Daddy’s Lap and began that crazy list of rules, his future bestie, Sammy, was already living happily ever after with his own Daddy-dom. From the moment they met over a gas pump to the day they were legally able to wed, leather Daddy Raphael Robustelli adored his linebacker-sized boy. This is their love story, as seen through a series of six short vignettes. Witness the moment they met, see the first time Davey came to the club, and so much more. This is a short 20k volume, filled with emotion and backstory for the entire series. 

NOTE: This is not a full-length book and does not contain a new couple. This can be read as a standalone but will be most enjoyed by those who have read the series.
This is the sixth bo…

Audiobook Review: Making Rules by Susan Hawke, narrated by Michael Dean (Davey's Rules #4.5)

Note: The audiobook was provided by the author via Gay Romance Reviews Audio Team.

When I’d read the eBook edition of Making Rules by Susan Hawke, I’d admittedly gotten teary-eyed, but listening to it was a whole ‘nother matter. I already knew how Raphael and Samuel Robustelli’s story would end, yet I was affected all the same, moreso when I experienced it through the audiobook. Am I even surprised at this point, considering the combination of Hawke and the one and only Michael Dean as her narrator of choice has consistently left me impressed? I’m hoping this twosome continues with Hawke’s future projects, whatever they may be because why would you mess with a combination this fab?
Hawke’s series about Daddies and theitir boys has gotten better with each new release—well, okay, save for Rules for Santa since I felt that faltered a tad—and with the series coming to an end right after this particular book, it feels as Hawke’s truly saved the very best for last. That’s saying something c…

Release Blitz: The Parable of the Mustard Seed by Lisa Henry

The Parable of the Mustard Seed by Lisa Henry Release Date: April 3, 2020
About The Parable of the Mustard Seed The past never stays buried forever.
John Faimu is an Australian-Samoan police officer who deals with hurt kids every day. He loves what he does, but he’s tired of the grind of shift work, and of trying to find a balance between his job, his family, and the young man who straddles the increasingly blurry line between both.
Caleb Fletcher was the teenager John saved from a cult eight long years ago, and he’s now the young man John wants in ways that neither of them should risk.
Eight years after his rescue, Caleb is still struggling with PTSD and self-harm. John has always been his rock, but now Caleb wants more. Can he convince John to cross a line and love him the way they both crave? And when the monsters from Caleb’s past come back seeking to silence him for good, will John’s love be enough to save him?

The Parable of the Mustard Seed is an mm gay romance featuring hurt/comfor…

Review: The Parable of the Mustard Seed by Lisa Henry

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing & Design.
And every justification he'd ever made about why this was a bad idea crumbled like sand in the face of Caleb's certainty. Because how could breaking Caleb's heart now be better than maybe breaking it in the future? A thousand worst case scenarios flashed through his mind, and always would, but the truth remained unchanged."I love you," John said.
Whenever I read something penned by Lisa Henry, I know I’m going to get a story that isn’t your usual romance, but still has every bit of heart to it. In The Parable of the Mustard Seed, she gives readers the story of a man who rescued a boy, and eight years later, has fallen in love but refuses to act on his feelings. This isn’t a lighthearted read, although there are some lighter moments, but it is one that reminds readers that even in the most dire and darkest of situations, there is light at the end of the tunnel and hope…

Book Spotlight: Dangerous Betrayals by L.P. Dover

Dangerous Game (Armed & Dangerous/Circle of Justice Crossover #1) by L.P. Dover
Date Released: March 24, 2020

About Dangerous Betrayals
From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author L.P. Dover comes the crossover fans having been waiting for! Beloved characters from her Armed & Dangerous and Circle of Justice novels come together in this tantalizing new series!

A stranger waiting in the dark.
A ritualistic attack.
A wrongful arrest.

After surviving an attempt on her life, Kennedy moved to Vermont in hopes of putting the nightmare behind her. The police assured her the assailant was behind bars. They were dead wrong. The truth revealed itself in a rash of grisly murders. Each victim bore a striking resemblance to Kennedy. Each killed in the same fashion as her attack.

Launching a full-fledged manhunt, the police called me in. My name is Reed Chandler, and I’m an expert on tracking the behavior of the deranged. It doesn’t take long for me to realize it all traces back to Kennedy.…

Review: Dangerous Betrayals by L.P. Dover (Armed & Dangerous/Circle of Justice Crossover #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions.
Dangerous Betrayals is the second novel in the collection of crossover stories from L.P. Dover’s Armed and Dangerous and Circle of Justice series. Kennedy Scott is a twenty-six-year-old high school teacher who has been trying to restart her life ever since her mother was murdered and Kennedy herself was attacked two months afterwards. She thought that part of her life was behind her, with a move to Vermont giving her the opportunity to begin a new chapter. The police assured her that she no longer had anything to worry about, not with the guilty party behind bars. Only a spate of grisly murders gives the authorities pause, especially when the victims all bear an undeniable resemblance to Kennedy and the original attack on her. The police decide to bring in Reed Chandler, and the man is one of the best at what he does. He may only be twenty-eight but he’s a prized asset of the Circle of …

Book Spotlight: Cowboy Firefighter Heat by Kim Redford

Cowboy Firefighter Heat
(Smokin' Hot Cowboys #6) by Kim Redford Date Released: March 31, 2020 Sourcebooks Casablanca
About Cowboy Firefighter Heat She’s back and hotter than ever. Good thing this firefighting cowboy can handle the sparks.
When country singer Fern Bryant returns to her cabin in Wildcat Hall Park, the last thing she expects to find is Craig Thorne in her home…asleep in her bed. Fern had big dreams, and chasing those dreams required sacrifices. Unfortunately, Craig was the cowboy singer and firefighter she left behind. Much to her surprise, now they’re the co-owners of her beloved Wildcat Hall Park.

Craig hasn’t seen Fern since she left Wildcat Bluff County—and him—to sing on a cruise ship. When she storms back into town, the sparks between the two aren’t only rekindled but burn hotter than ever. As long days turn into long nights, Craig is determined to show Fern that she belongs in Wildcat Bluff…and his arms.

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