Review: Tru Blue by Melissa Foster

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Truman Gritt has never had it easy in his life, but the one thing that's remained constant is the fact that he would do absolutely anything for his family--including going to prison for a crime he didn't commit. When he's released, his family is barely holding it together. His mother's overdose has Truman stepping in to become the sole provider for his siblings. He's always done things his way, never having to turn to anyone for help or assistance. Life has taught him that the one person you can rely on is yourself because everyone else is bound to disappoint you. When he meets Gemma Wright while out with his younger siblings, she immediately recognizes that the stoic man could do with a bit of help. Slowly but surely, Gemma works her way into the lives of Truman's family...and into his heart. When Truman's past comes back with a vengeance, his love for both his siblings and Gemma will be tested.

I quite liked Melissa Foster's latest release! Tru Blue is a standalone contemporary romance, although I do suspect that it could be the launch pad for a new series, given that there were a number of standout supporting characters. Can I just proclaim that Truman is, hands down, my favorite male character of the author's so far? I'm pretty sure there were more than one pair of ovaries bursting for this guy. He was a caring, nurturing brother, one who went above and beyond for his siblings at a time when he could have simply passed the responsibility on to someone else. Gemma came around just at the right time, and I liked that these two had to work on their relationship even though it seemed that they had immediately jumped from strangers in a store to something more faster than you would think possible. Sweet and sexy with just enough angst, Tru Blue was a touching four-star Melissa Foster read. ♥

Date Read: 09 November 2016

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