Review: As Dust Dances by Samantha Young (Play On #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

Hadn't I thought that before? Hadn't I thought that in the bar when those girls were eyeing what was mine? I slid my hands up his shoulders to clasp his familiar face. My feelings for him were complicated. I had feelings I didn't want to acknowledge because they would ruin the bliss of being with him like this. Of having Killian O'Dea look at me like I meant the world to him. 
A man who did not love easily. 
And he wanted to belong to me.

Ah, this book was such a beautifully heartrending read! Samantha Young has always been adept at tugging my heartstrings, but she seemed intent on taking those strings and letting my poor heart go into free fall for As Dust Dances, the second in her Play On series. Skylar Finch and Killian O'Dea were at different points in their lives but their paths seemed to intersect at just the right time. They would have to fight through layers of complications and sift through all the things that brought them together, why they belong together, and what could tear them apart.

Skylar Finch knows what it's like to be under the spotlight. She's basked in it, aware of the power that comes with being on a rock star; but as of late, she's been burned by it, enough so that when tragedy strikes, she takes it as a sign that it was time to walk away before all that was left of her was ash. A year and a half later, she's living a completely different kind of life in Glasgow, busking for money being her only connection to the life she once led. She doesn't want attention but Killian O'Dea has already noticed her. He thinks he's offering her the world, but it's a world she knows all too well and wants nothing of. Does Killian choose his ambition or the woman he's fallen for?

My heart broke for Skylar, but goodness how I cheered her on as she strove to create a whole new life for herself, devoid of all the trappings her old one had--and trappings is a more than apt word since she felt shackled and miserable. When Killian came into her life, especially knowing that he was an A&R executive for the top record label in Scotland, I worried and wondered about the direction the story would take. Of course, I should have trusted that Young knew what she was doing. She didn't give what would have been expected; instead, she gave a story that highlighted the resilience that people have when they take necessary risks and the sacrifices one makes in the name of true love. As Dust Dances is the second in a series, but can be read as a standalone. Five-plus stars. ♥

Release Date: 07 August 2018

Date Read: 04 August 2018

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