Review: No Greater Love Than Mine by Harper Bliss (Silver Linings #1)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

No Greater Love Than Mine is a novella that starts off the Silver Linings series from Harper Bliss, and it's a second chance love story with main characters who met and shared one passionate night twenty years ago and meet again in their fifties. When Angela Hill attended a week-long seminar as a rookie cop, she never expected to end up falling in love. Unfortunately, all she got was one night with Jacqueline Cooper because as strong as their connection was, Jackie wasn't willing to end her marriage and risk losing her son. They went their separate ways and even during the times their paths could have crossed, avoidance was Angela's go-to move. It isn't until two decades have passed and Angela is sent to mandatory therapy sessions after getting shot in the line of duty that she sees Jackie again. Angela is wary and hesitant, but Jackie sees this as her chance to finally get everything right.

This was a quickie read, clocking in at about thirty to thirty-five minutes, and was a pretty good one at that, although I wouldn't consider it one of my favorites by Harper Bliss. I liked that these two had to work towards bridging the gap caused by Jackie's decision to stay with her husband twenty years ago, although this being a novella, everything happens at a rather fast clip. Another thing I liked here was that both Angela and Jackie were mature in terms of age, the former thirty-five and the latter thirty-eight when they first met and then two decades older when they reunite. As connected as these two were, though, I did have to suspend my disbelief when it came to this being a love match, especially given that Jackie had already divorced her husband thirteen years prior and hadn't contacted Angela. Still, No Greater Love Than Mine was a commendable read, and 3.5 stars out of five stars. ♥

Date Read: 07 July 2018

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