Review: Ryder by S. Nelson (Knights Corruption MC #5)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

She pushed. 
I pulled. 
She game shit. 
I demanded things from her. 
But when we cam together, figuratively and literally, it was out of this world. I wasn't saying our relationship was easy—it definitely wasn't—but I knew I wanted to spend my life with her. I could only hope she reciprocated those feelings.

This! This novel was everything I hoped it would be and then some. Ryder is the fifth and final (NOOOOO!!!) book in what has become my one of my all-time favorite MC romance series, Knights Corruption MC. S. Nelson put my emotions through the wringer. She took me to the edge and I seriously had to stop at one particular point and ask myself if having my poor heart used and abused the way she did was worth it. And it was. It SO was. Over the span of five jaw-dropping, gut-clenching, heart-thumping novels—five stories of love and redemption and one encompassing tale of brotherhood and family—I find myself feeling both sated and bereft. I'm quite attached to the men of this motorcycle club and the women they shared their lives with. I hate saying goodbye to a series I've become wholly invested in, but I'm holding out a teeny, tiny bit of hope... But more on that later. On to the review!

Roman Casteel was only seven when he lost his mother He found his family at eighteen when he joined the Knights Corruption MC and became Ryder. Now thirty-four, he's falling for a strong-willed woman who may be ten years his junior but has no problem calling him on his bad behaviors. The walls he has built around him have been fortified through the years, but Braylen Prescott believes they aren't absolutely impenetrable. She wants to know the man behind the cut, but Ryder isn't willing to share his darkness with her, even as the nightmares he thought were at bay have come back to life. With the war between the Knights Corruption and the Savage Reapers coming to a head, danger isn't headed just for the KCMC brothers—their enemies are threatening those who mean the most to them. Ryder will do anything to protect Braylen from the Reapers, but will he be able to protect her from himself?

Ryder and Braylen's romance began in the third book in the series, Jagger, which was all about Jagger Blakeslee and Kena Prescott, Ryder's KCMC brother and Braylen's younger sister, respectively, and we got glimpses of them in the fourth one as well, Tripp. This fifth novel isn't just a culmination of their love story, though, because there's finally a resolution to the whole was the club has had with the Savage Reapers and it so didn't play out the way either one expected it to. There was one chapter in particular in this book where I felt my heart stop, and I hesitated. Should I continue reading and risk getting my heart shredded to bits, or should I stick it out with these guys who've made their way into that very heart that could shatter? Obviously, I went with the latter, and thank goodness I did, with my faith in S. Nelson repaid tenfold, giving me the conclusion that went beyond expectations.

Ryder's personal history was by no means an easy one, and his chosen mode of dealing with it was avoidance. We get glimpses of his self-destructive behavior in the earlier books, and now we get a better understanding of why he is the way he is. Braylen is the perfect foil, taking a temporary step back whenever necessary, but still choosing to move forward WITH Ryder and pushing just enough to ensure him that he can be open and honest with her. Gah! I loved these two together. Of course, it wasn't totally about them. We do get peeks at the four other couples as well as one more peripheral couple and a few individuals who made their mark throughout the series. I was looking forward to this because this is, after all, the series ender. But remember when I said I had hope? Well, read Ryder and see why. Because that very last part? It was the more in my everything. Five-plus stars multiplied by ten. ♥


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Release Date: 09 June 2017

Date Read: 09 June 2017

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  1. I LOVE this review. Thank you so much, and I'm thrilled you enjoyed not only Ryder but all of the books in my KCMC series!! :)


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