Review: Dropkick My Heart by Winter Travers (Powerhouse M.A. #1)

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Dropkick My Heart is the first novel in the Powerhouse M.A. series by Winter Travers, which is about a group of four friends who co-own a martial arts studio they've named Powerhouse. This story is about Kellan and Molly, the former being one of the owners of Powerhouse Martial Arts and the latter being the owner and barista of the coffee shop next door. With the dojo gaining popularity and an increase in clientele, the noise and activity isn't really doing much to help the ambiance the coffee shop is trying to maintain. When Molly heads on over to request that Kellan keep the noise level down, it's their tempers that flare instead, with neither side wanting to acquiesce. Tensions rise between the two, but another thing that does rise is the level of awareness Molly and Kellan have of each other, an awareness that makes the growing attraction overtake everything else around them.

This was my first ever read from the author, and it was a surprisingly far more lighthearted read than I'd expected to come across. This was an interesting series starter, one that had a lot of humor courtesy of the antics and shenanigans that main characters Kellan and Molly were engaging in. Their battle of wills seemed like offbeat foreplay and helped to make this an entertaining read. These two were also backed by a memorable set of supporting characters and the game of one-upmanship was probably my favorite thing about this book. I think Kellan and Molly had definite chemistry, and that's a must as far as I'm concerned when it comes to any sort of romance read. With this being as good of a read as it was, I'm curious to see if the rest of the Powerhouse M.A. series will be able to capture my attention as well as this first one did. I'm giving Dropkick My Heart four stars. ♥

Date Read: 07 June 2017

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