Review: The Perils of Intimacy by Rick R. Reed

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The blurb for Rick R. Reed's latest standalone, The Perils of Intimacy, had me all curious and I'm so glad I gave in to that curiosity and read the book! This is a story about second chances and not the kind that's limited to the romantic kind, because opportunities for redemption and absolution do exist in various aspects of our lives. One look at Jimmy and Mark and the first thing people would probably think is "May-December love affair", and that would be easy enough, given Jimmy being twenty-three and Mark a few months shy of turning forty. But their love story is anything but typical. From the moment they first meet in the diner where Jimmy works, they've clicked, almost as if they've always been meant to be. But you see, that meeting at the diner wasn't their first. No, Jimmy and Mark met once before, and it was an evening that neither man has forgotten. Except Jimmy doesn't look anything like he did two years ago. Gone is the dyed, waist-length hair twisted into dreadlocks, the septum piercing, and the sickly pallor. Two first meetings, two very different men Mark meets. Which will prevail with him?

This story had me hooked from the moment I started reading it. Jimmy and Mark's story was so unique and I desperately wanted to see where it would all lead. After all, secrets always have a way of coming out, so I already knew that the fact that Mark had met Jimmy before was going to be revealed, but what I was antsy for was the how and when. Of course, there's also the whole resolution and how, if ever (okay, let's be honest here--there was no way these two weren't going to end happily together), they were going to move forward. Rick R. Reed did a great job making Jimmy and Mark very human. They felt what they felt, even if it made them jerks, because they were flawed, as all humans are. But see, that's why I liked these two men. They owned up to their mistakes and to their respective roles in what went down two years prior to the diner meeting. There was a twist in the story I didn't see coming and that ending was the perfect touch to this book. I'm kinda hoping we get to see Kevin have his own HEA down the road soon, but as far as The Perils of Intimacy is concerned, it gets a well-deserved 4.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 03 May 2017

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