Audiobook Review: What’s in a Name? by Pat Henshaw, narrated by David Ross (Foothills Pride #1)

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What’s in a Name? is the first story in the Foothills Pride series from author Pat Henshaw and it’s the first audiobook that I actually didn’t get to read along with, meaning I didn’t have the ebook version on-hand. Still, I enjoyed this series starter, clocking in at just a little less than three hours—the shortest audiobook that I’ve read so far. Narrated pretty well by David Ross, who, with a quick peek at Goodreads, goes on to narrate the two other currently available audiobooks in the series, listeners are welcomed to Foothills, California and meet the first two residents, business owners Jimmy Patterson and Guy Stone, who forge a friendship and flirtation over a few drinks.

Ready to open the second branch of his co-owned coffee house, Penny’s, Jimmy Patterson’s professional life seems to be far more successful than his personal one. His most recent relationship ended on, of all days, his birthday, and drowning his sorrows at Stonewall’s Saloon was better than heading to the condo he shared with his now ex. The bartender—who also happened to be the owner—had yet another name tag attached, and when he goes on to help drunken Jimmy, things between them heat up quickly. Now, Jimmy’s got seven tries to guess the man he’s now nicknamed Guy’s name, but it’s not fun and games when they’re targeted by haters.

The story itself was interesting, especially when it came to Jimmy trying to figure out what Guy’s actual name was. When that was finally revealed in the end, I was taken aback and then laughed out loud. I would never have guessed Guy’s name and I love how it played into the whole story. With as far as the romance between the two men, well, that felt a bit rushed, especially since Jimmy’s relationship had just ended, but I liked how different they were yet learned that they shared similarities as they got to know each other better. For a quick—well, at least as far as an audiobook is concerned—listen, What’s in a Name? was a satisfying one. This one gets four stars. ♥

Date Listened to: January 30, 2017

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