Review: Rekindled by Paige Tyler (Dallas Fire & Rescue #1)

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Rekindled is the first book in the Dallas Fire & Rescue romantic suspense series from bestselling author Paige Tyler. This is also my first read from the author and it proved to be a good introduction to both her writing--though I know her bestsellers lean more towards paranormal romance--and to the series. This series starter had a falling-for-my-best-friend's-sibling spin to it, with veteran firefighter slash cowboy rancher Jax Malloy and Skye Chandler, nearly four years his junior and younger sister of his best friend Dane as the main characters. Jax hasn't seen Skye in a decade, having left straight out of high school to work on an oil rig and then on to riding bulls in the rodeo. When he sees her again, she's passed out on the floor of a burning hotel. Rescuing her is the beginning of a friendship rekindled, but could it also be the beginning of something more between them? Can they forge a lasting romantic relationship if Skye's brother is totally against it? What happens when both their lives are put in danger by someone after Skye?

This was a fairly quick read but the pacing felt pretty steady, not too rushed. For a book that wasn't necessarily a full-length novel, there weren't too many holes in the story, so I didn't feel as if anything was missing. Jax and Skye clearly had that connection from the moment they locked eyes on each other again, with Skye's old crush coming back to life and Jax realizing that his best friend's kid sister is all grown up. Thank goodness Skye wasn't this whiny, helpless girl who constantly needed saving. Being self-sufficient and independent was important to her and Jax clearly understood that and supported her wholeheartedly. I liked both the love story and the mystery suspense elements and my curiosity regarding Dane sets up the second book in the series, Ablaze, rather nicely. He was an overprotective brother but his heart was in the right place and I couldn't help but feel bad when he shared his secret with Skye. All in all, Rekindled was an easy read, one that was a strong enough beginning to the lives and loves of those in Station 58. Four stars. ♥

Date Read: 10 October 2016

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