Review: Loving London by Ellie Wade (Flawed Hearts #3)

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I begrudgingly pull away from out kiss. "I realize that I have a major flaw." 
"Oh, yeah? What's that?" Loïc asks, his voice husky. 
"My heart's incapable of loving anyone but you," I admit, a small smile forming. 
Loïc pulls in a sharp breath before saying, "I'm flawed n the same way. My heart only beats for you, London Wright. No one else." 
And then his lips find mine once more.

Perfection! The trilogy that is Flawed Hearts comes to a flawless conclusion, filled with wistful and wishful moments, all courtesy of the creative mind of author Ellie Ward. We met main characters Loïc Berkeley and London Wright and saw them find love in Finding London. They tried to keep that love going only to be left with the choice to either let the other one go or to continue to hold on in Keeping London. And now, with Loving London, both Loïc and London are left to pick up the pieces of their broken hearts, knowing that they need to move on and continue living, even if that means having to do so without the person that means the most to them by their side. They're on opposite coasts, with lives going in different directions, but their hearts still belong to one another. Loïc sees himself as broken, not able to fully deal with his post-traumatic stress disorder, having lost more than his leg. Pushing London away was the best thing he could do for her, but will Loïc be able to make himself better in order to pull her back in his life?

I loved the first two novels in this series, but this third one brought me to tears. There was nothing easy or simple about the journey London and Loïc were forced to take in order to get to their happy ending, and I think that made it all the more worthwhile. Loïc had to get a handle on his PTSD and he felt that allowing London to continue being a part of his life would drag her down. Of course, this can be seen as both an act of selflessness and one of selfishness on Loïc's part. Selfless because he believed London deserved better, and selfish because he didn't want to face up to the fact that he did have PTSD and letting London go would have meant he wasn't in any mad rush to do so. At least that's how I saw it. That doesn't make Loïc a bad guy. The man's human, after all, and you can't rush someone into seeking out help. He had to do it in his own good time and he had to do it for himself, not anyone else. This was such an immensely satisfying read, and I highly recommend you read the three books in order. I'm giving Loving London five-plus stars. ♥


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Date Read: 05 October 2016

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