Review: Heat Wave: Astoria by Liam Livings

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Heat Wave: Astoria is a novella written by Liam Livings and is set in Astoria, Oregon which is in the middle of a heat wave. It's about Brad, who works in a quilting store when he isn't working his way through a map of sexual conquests, checking off various locations depending on where the guy he's with may have come from. When Brit James enters the quilting store, Brad is taken by his Hugh Grant appeal--minus the floppy hair. He offers to be James's tour guide since the man hasn't been in the city long and is only staying until the job he was sent to do is over and done with. This also gives Brad the opportunity to check a country of his list. It was supposed to be nothing more than a hook-up, but Brad's and James's paths cross more than once and later on, the heat isn't due to the season alone. But is this just for the summer?

I'm feeling a bit torn when it comes to this book. I liked the idea behind the story, but I found it difficult to like the book as a whole because I simply couldn't stand Brad from the get-go. My issue with him wasn't because he was something of a man-slut. It was more of his motivation behind his sexual encounters with the men he chooses to be with and how he flaunts each of his conquests to his roommate. He goes through his usual M.O. with James their first go-around, and time passes before they accidentally bump into each other again and then just like that, they're kinda-sorta-maybe dating? Eh? I didn't see the transition nor what inspired him to want to be with James more. Then there's the dialogues of the Americans that make them sound like Brits. Still, there were some good moments, so I'm giving Heat Wave: Astoria three stars. ♥

Date Read: 12 October 2016

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