Review: The Ghost in the Mirror by Faith Gibson (Samuel Dexter #1)

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The Ghost in the Mirror is the first full-length novel in the Samuel Dexter M/M paranormal romance series from author Faith Gibson. This is my first read from the author as well and found it to be an overall interesting and entertaining experience. There's actually a prequel short story, The Ghost in the Desert, that lays out what happened to the main character, Marine Sgt Samuel Dexter, before we find him in the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany after having survived an explosion that took out his team. I haven't read the short story, though from the reviews I've been able to peruse on Goodreads and Amazon, it's a really good story and one that gives better insight as to the Samuel Dexter before the explosion. I guess you could see it as him being Dex or Ghost in the Marines and he's Sam or Sammy stateside and with those who knew him prior to his enlistment. I like reading a series in order but I had no clue there was a prequel until after I had finished this full-length series starter, and now I have questions as to Dex the Marine and his relationship with Cpl. Danny Abrams. So yeah, I'm a teeny tiny bit frustrated.

Samuel Dexter wakes up in a military hospital without any memories of who he is or how he ended up with the burns on his body. He quickly learns that he's a Marine and his grandmother flew to Germany to be by his side as he recuperates. He returns to his hometown to live with his grandmother while trying to regain his memory and to recover fully from his injuries. He's got questions that demand answers, but the one he may not be able to get any sort of answer to if he ever dared ask his doctors is why he's seeing ghosts, especially two in particular: his fellow Marine Danny Abrams and a little girl named Cindy. His grandmother doesn't offer much help, believing that there are certain things that are best left unremembered or that he's meant to discover on his own. When his childhood best friend, Orlando Shaw, makes an appearance, Dex gets the feeling that the man was more than his friend, and one kiss pretty much cements that idea in his head. But Orlando has moved on with his life and Dex still needs to figure his out. What kind of future can he now have if he can't remember his past and why can he now see ghosts?

This was curious story about a man who has no memories of who he is. Dex tries to regain bits and pieces of the life he had before he woke up in Germany and a lot of the book is focused on that. There isn't all that much in terms of romance, but the paranormal aspect was pretty interesting, especially since you're left wondering for a good portion of the book who Cindy is and why she's making her presence known to Dex. This was the story of a man making his journey to the past in order to make sense of the present. When I say "the past", it isn't just his I'm talking about. Dex is very curious about Cindy, so there's the seeing how she plays into his life that piqued my interest. I would have wanted a bit more information about Danny and how much he meant to Dex, because he was obviously more than a mere fling, so I may check out the prequel. Orlando is more of a secondary character, although there are times the story is told from his viewpoint but in a third-person voice. I'm curious to see where the author will take the series next, so I wouldn't mind reading more stories from Samuel Dexter. I'm giving four stars to The Ghost in the Mirror. ♥

Date Read: 03 October 2016

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